Monday, February 22, 2010

Z is for...Zara!

My heart weeps because I am truly missing all of my favorite places in Chicago that had great fashion an even better price. Although I am an H&M girl through and through, I have in the past few years really grown to love Zara too. I happened to move from Chicago right when they got a Zara in the North Shore's Old Orchard Mall, and now they even have 2 stores downtown!!!

I love Zara for their simple silhouettes, amazing jackets and they always have just great basics with a twist. Their prices are a little higher than H&M, but at the same time I believe their quality is a bit better too. Unfortunately they don't have an online shopping site for the U.S. yet...maybe someday?

Their neutrals are always killer...

it's hard to believe that these items aren't "runway" designer gotta love those Spaniards!

There are currently stores in the U.S. HERE

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