Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A tisket, a tasket...I love a Moses Basket!

I have always loved the idea of a moses basket. I think they are great when the baby is really little, and you want to carry them from one room to the next. They certainly are an adorable addition to a nursery, and you could always put toys, stuffed animals or dolls in them once the baby is too big for it. I think most baskets are for 0-4 month old babies. I found a handful that are absolutely adorable.

These are from HooHobbers. All are made in the USA and are duvet style, so you can remove stuffing and wash them. They are extremely well priced at $140 and you can add a monogram for $12. I also love the rocking stand for only $48! AND they make a smaller version for a doll for $40. What a great gift for your little girl!

Posh Tots had the largest selection of baskets, but they were definitely on the higher end. This Serena and Lily Sausalito basket is to die for. They are simple but sturdy and can also be personalized (only if you purchase from Serena and Lily's site for $12 extra) The price is $239

And if you want to go with something just over the top gorgeous, I fell in love with these...

Seersucker Bow basket...LOOOOVE! $290 on Posh Tots

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