Thursday, July 30, 2009

Adios July!!!

Normally July is a very festive month. You have the 4th of July, I have multiple friend's birthdays, and it's the middle of summer, what more could you ask for? In my case, it's been a bit of a stressful month.

I took 2 extensive trips with my 10 month old, sans my Husband who could not come because of work. I went North for 10 days to see my family and then south (9 hours each way in the car) to see my husband's family, all within 3 weeks. During this time, my son cut 2 teeth...MISERABLE. As you all know, it's not a fun process. He was such a trooper through it all. We just had many whiny days and sleepless nights during the trips, which are hard to deal with when it's just one person taking care of everything.

Between these trips I had an unfortunate experience where I was assaulted in the grocery store parking lot while I was strapping my baby into his car seat. The perv just grabbed me, but it was still very invasive and scary, especially since I had my baby with me. The A-hole proceeded to attack a woman at knife-point in a park two days later...thankfully he was caught and is now in jail. I am lucky they found him, most of these things go unresolved. I was left rattled, but certainly more aware.

ok, so I got it out, the whining is over and it's time to move on...We have August to look forward to! August brings great things; my husband's 30th Birthday (he reads the blog, so I can't divulge my plans yet), Rachel Zoe, Project Runway and Mad Men all return this month! We can't forget that fall clothes will be in stores...I can't WAIT to get some cozy sweaters and boots for my new SAHM wardrobe.

So, let's raise a pretend toast (mine would be a St.Germaine Cocktail) to no-teething, good reality t.v. and a new, fabulous month!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Southern Hospitality

This is my husband's grandmother Laurie breaking it down at our wedding. She is affectionately called "Tyke" by many family members because she's so tiny! I am packing the bags for yet another trip, this time to the deep south to visit Laurie in Shreveport, LA. She has not met Julian yet, so we are taking him to see her. Let's hope he does well on the 9 hour car ride! (God help me) I won't be doing any blog posting for another week or so, I will miss you all! Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fall shoe infatuation

I am usually the girl who dreads putting the summer clothes away and trading in my sandals for boots. But for some reason I am just SO excited for fall. This season is different, I am now a SAH Mom and the majority of my fall clothes and shoes are appropriate for work, but not so much running around with my soon-t0-be one year old. I spent a good amount of time looking for shoes that would accommodate my new lifestyle. Here is my "wish" list for fall.

I have always wanted a pair of flat black boots, especially ones with a somewhat pointed toe. I almost fell over in my chair when I saw these. Love the zipper detail, love the low are perfect. Belle by Sigerson Morrison on Piperlime.

Lori's Shoes in Chicago has a new line of Italian Leather boots exclusive to them. These camel riding boots by Le Pepe are absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny of the $398 they are charging for them. These are a timeless classic and could be worn with everything from skirts to dresses to your favorite skinny jeans. Very Ralph Lauren...LOVE!

I have to say, I was shocked when I saw that these shoes were Juicy Couture! I love the metallic leather and the ankle straps with studs. This would be the ideal shoe for beautiful fall weather and mild winters that we have in Kansas City. These are a fabulous find on for $350

Jeffrey Campbell, where have you been all my life? I love your shoes, I could buy almost every pair of them! These Grey and Blue heels are absolutely fabulous. I love the color combo, and it has the scalloped detailing down the front that is so big this season. The best part about this designers shoes is that they are very modestly priced. This pair is only $96 on

Nowadays flats have become a staple in my wardrobe. I wore Tory Burch's for a long time, and I am ready for a change. I love these python flats from Jeffrey Campbell. They are neutral enough to wear with many different colors and I love the stud detailing on the toes. Also on for $110

What shoes are you lusting after this season?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I am kind of embarrassed to say that I am about as excited as I would be at Neiman's last call. I guess my life has changed because I am now getting a rush from looking at fall clothes for my baby.

I just received an email about Boden's new fall line and Holy Cow, I wanted to buy everything! I know it is only July, but this U.K. based store sells out of their sizes quickly! Their quality is spectacular and not everyone knows about it, so your kid can look somewhat unique at gymboree or your next playdate. Here are some of my faves for both boys and girls 0-24

I adore this car cardigan with striped sleeves! Cardigans are a trend this fall, so I think it would be super cute for my little guy as well! $44

I adore everything about this outfit for little girls. The pretty yellow corduroy pinafore paired with the bright striped tights...perfect at $34

This Teddy Button through coat is so precious, I would definitely be buying this if I had a little girl. It's a steal at $38
I want this whole getup for Julian-the toggle coat and hat and gloves with the penguin applique. The coat is $38 and the hat and gloves are $32

Boden makes the best tee shirts! This Monster tee is hilarious at $22! I also love the drawstring jersey-cotton lined jeans. These also come in corduroy as well, which I will be buying in brown for $32

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's the little things...

If you have ever lived in Chicago (or even visited) You may have happened upon a wonderful little beauty supply store on Oak Street called Bravco. It's tucked away in a 2 story brownstone (2 doors down from Barney's Chelsea Passage entrance) and it is full of tons of little gems in the beauty supply world.

One of my favorite things that they carry hair accessories by a brand called Smoothies. Now, these aren't your normal ponytail holders or bobby pins. The Bobby Pins come in brown, black and gold to match your hair color. They also make ones that are really small that are perfect for those of us with thinner hair. They are great for when you want to do little twists and braids because they tuck perfectly into your without being noticed.

Their Blax Snag free hair elastics are the best! They prevent hair from breakage and they also come in different colors and thicknesses. I love the clear ones because again, you can do many different things with your hair and you don't have to deal with a big thick ponytail holder.

Since I am no longer within walking distance to Bravco, I now have to order Smoothies products online. Thankfully they have a WONDERFUL website. Check it

Friday, July 17, 2009

20 year HS's time to wow em'!

A Scout fan has asked me for some style advice for her upcoming 20 year HS reunion. I was totally flattered...this is a big DEAL! You want to look good, but you don't want to look like you are trying too hard. I put some looks together for her that I think will not only impress them, but make her a standout among her fellow classmates.

She mentioned that the first night everyone is meeting at a bar. This requires a look that is casual yet stylish. I found these amazing Alice + Olivia linen and viscose cargo pants and decided to work the outfit around them. Since everyone will probably be wearing jeans, I thought that an interesting white pant would be a nice alternative. Pair this pant with a soft tank and some amazing heels and you have the perfect casual "bar" outfit. I would keep the outfit simple and then add some great accessories like a fabulous bold necklace or a fun handbag.

Wicked by stylescout featuring LAROK

The next evening of the reunion is a cocktail party. I pulled out the big guns for this one with this hot black jumpsuit by LaRok. It's a stunning look that if done right, will knock everyone's socks off. When you wear something like this, keep the accessories understated. I paired it with a longer gold and black necklace, a fabulous gold clutch and some killer black gladiator heels. Also, with an outfit as sophisticated as this, you need a dark pedicure. Essie's Wicked is the perfect dark shade.

Would you all wear a jumpsuit? I am totally trying to find an excuse to purchase this!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

T&D, you take me away...

Yes, I am talking about Tori and Dean (and Patsy and Buggie and Monkey too)...My latest Reality Show addiction (thank you Gina and Amy). I figured if 2 fabulous friends of mine love this show, then I for sure will love it too. No surprise, I am TOTALLY hooked.

Since there is no way in hell my husband would ever watch it, I DVR it and reserve it for my son's 1:00 naptime. It's like my takes me away to another place. I laugh, I cry, I empathize (even though she has a full-time nanny and has a celebrity paycheck and an unbelievable wardrobe....) It is refreshing to see a Celebrity Mom really put herself out there and admit that she's not perfect, that she struggles with the day-to-day stuff and that life isn't easy. Kudos to her for keeping it real. Except for those enormous fake bubbies of course.

Tori is launching a children's line called Little Maven this fall. I was actually able to find a small selection on Bloomies website. So far there were only 15 items, only girls. I am hoping the boys stuff will
be arriving soon. Here is a knit "Missoni" inspired dress for infant and toddler girls. So cute!!!

Bohemian Beauty

Nicole, make ANYTHING look good. Whether it's being crazy Paris Hilton's BFF, or wasting away to 90 still inspired me with your unique bohemian look. I have to say that you are currently rocking your maternity style. I LOVE it! You inspire many prego ladies out there to have the effortless style that you always exude. If you would like to duplicate Nicole's prego-chic, here are a few looks to get you started.

The Maxi Dress

Nicole is often spotted wearing great Maxi-Dresses. I wore them a lot too while pregnant. They are SO comfortable and they accommodate a growing belly. With this style of dress you really don't have to buy maternity. Just size up if you need to fit your newly enlarged ta-ta's and expanded rib cage. Gypsy 05 makes the best maxi-dresses. here is one of their new styles for summer. It comes in 4 great colors, but black and white is always classic!

The Long Skirt

When I was pregnant last summer, I busted out a lot of my long skirts (circa the 2005 peasant look) The great thing about this season is that the look is back! Nicole is photographed wearing many versions of the long skirt, but I personally love this black and white stripe version from Rachel Pally-the maker of exquisite cotton Jersey. When you are prego, Cotton Jersey is your friend. It's machine washable and it gives with your growing body. Pair this with a solid tank, some fabulous gold chains and some gladiators and you are good to go.

Simple and Sophisticated

Wearing all Black and adding great Accessories is an easy way to look fabulous when pregnant. It also makes you look slimmer when you are having one of those "days" as we all do during the long 9 months. I noticed that Nicole does a lot of long tanks with leggings or black dresses and then throws on a fedora, scarf or one of her gazillion pieces of amazing jewelry. If you want to do an oversized tank, Alexander Wang makes the most unbelievable cotton tees and tanks. They are over-priced, I will give you that, but they are amazing quality and would last longer your Target tees.

If you don't want to spend a lot, American Apparel has some unique tee shirt silhouettes. I love this fine-jersey racerback dress, which would be perfect as a top for you prego ladies out there.

Nicole Richie by stylescout featuring Alexander McQueen shoes

Here is a litte Nicole Richie "inspired" Polyvore creation

Nicole Richie

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where does the time go?

It is hard to believe that my baby (pictured in his first week of life) is turning 1 in two months...I seriously don't know where this last year has gone?! It's so cliche, but the first year does fly by, despite all the sleepless nights and pure exhaustion from learning how to be a parent for the first time!

In honor of this amazing year, we HAVE to put together a fabulous party for our little guy! I have already started planning, because a lot of the items I want to buy are custom and if you have ever shopped party supplies on Etsy, the artists cut off orders months in advance. Here are my ideas for Julian's circus themed first birthday!

I picked the theme based on an outfit that was gifted to us when Julian was just a baby. It is a jon-jon that is red gingham with an elephant applique. It it just too cute and I have been waiting for him to finally grow into it. You can find items similar to this on the

I found these perfect invitations on Etsy and I immediately got inspired. I thinkthe pinwheel idea is perfect! It adds a really cute element to a circus themed party.

I was also thrilled to find that she had mini-pinwheel cupcake toppers!!!! The best part is you get to pick the paper that she will use for the pinwheels. Since we are doing mainly primary colors, I will probably stick with that in stripes and dots. The designer, Crossroads Cottage has other fabulous birthday ideas to choose from.

One of my all time favorite sites for unique/custom party supplies, Gaddie and Tood has the best pary hats. I am going to get one for our little guy, in hopes that he will wear it...even if it is just for one photo! I will probably do a red and blue polka dot with a glittery "1" and his name printed below it. For all the detail and work put into them, they are really a good deal at $15.

Lastly, I will definitely do a banner for his high chair or possibly one to hang in the house. I love these by WhimzyCreations on Etsy. But, thankfully my mom has the custom paper cutter by Cricut and we will probably make them ourselves using coordinating paper and ribbon to match my circus theme.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Little man style

I am as girly as it gets. When I found out I was having a boy I was THRILLED, but inside I was bows? no cute tights? no dresses and ruffly diaper covers?! How in the world was I going to deal with dressing a boy? Surprisingly, I have enjoyed every minute of it! I love the plaid shirts, polos, hats and most of all the SOCKS (Trumpette, of course). Julian rocked some cute get-ups on our recent vacation. Here's a taste of my little man's style...

Julian finally got some hair-which I of course had to put into a little faux-hawk while he was wearing this cute short sleeve plaid shirt from my favorite bargain store...Tar-Jay! It is by Osh Kosh Genuine Kids and it was $8.99...God, I love a bargain!

For little guys I just love the solid polos from Ralph Lauren. Especially with all the cute plaid shorts this summer, this has been a staple for us. You can of course get them at, but I have found a great and much less expensive assortment at T.J. Maxx. We always have the collar popped (just for some drama) and Ralph Lauren would certainly appreciate the cowboy hat in this picture.

Julian is modeling (and doing his fish face) in this polo by Original Penguin. They just started making a kids line and it is some of the cutest little man clothes I have seen. This polo is super soft and it comes in 5 bright and summery colors. It is currently on sale on their website,

My good friend Emily handed down to us these adorable Seersucker overalls from Ralph Lauren. I mean, is there anything cuter than seersucker on a baby boy?! They currently have the full leg version of them on (also on sale for $39.99)!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don't Sweat It!

One of the most annoying things when you are working out is if your hair is in your face while you are sweating. It's hard enough to get through 30 minutes on the stair-stepper or a cardio kick box class, let alone if you are constantly wiping the sweat or hair out of your eyes! I have the perfect (stylish) solution for you! Sweaty Bands!
My favorite sport boutique in Kansas City, Steel Ballet, now carries this amazing line of headbands. They are fabric on the top with elastic that runs underneath. This eliminates the head-splitting pinching that you sometimes get from other headbands. The thing that I love the best is that the top is lined with a strip of velvet that prevents the band from slipping while you are excercising or playing a sport. I wore one for an entire day and I was amazed that it didn't slip and that I could wear it all day long without wanting to rip it off my head!!!!

The creator of this line is a mother of 3 and a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She started making the headbands to be able to buy more music for her classes and to further her education. I love her story and I love her product! They are $15 on

Monday, July 6, 2009

Work it Mama!

It is nearly impossible to find cute, stylish, work appropriate dresses. I have found in the past that they are often too trendy or too revealing for an office environment. So, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across Shabby Apple!!! The owners developed the line to fill the void in the dress market-that being a dress that is comfortable and gave you enough coverage so that you didn't need a tank or cardigan or jacket. I love the quote on their site, it's perfect: A return to what dresses were always meant to be — a one-piece outfit. No need to add tank tops, no cardigans, nothing (except accessories, of course!).

This site has the most darling dresses that are not only chic and updated, but the prices are not to be believed. Most of them are under $100. One thing I also love is that they have maternity and little girl dresses as well. It's a one stop shop! The ladies at Shabby Apple have been gracious enough to give Scout readers a discount of 15% off up until July 31st! Just enter yourstylescout15off when you check out. Here are some of my faves that will instantly give your work wardrobe a boost

This Slate Grey tuxedo dress is sophisticated and chic for enough for the office or for a night out. It fits generous, so make sure to size down. It's a beautiful bargain at $78

This $82 brown and white giraffe print with white top is probably my favorite on their line. It's a dress, but it gives the illusion of 2 pieces! It's also MACHINE WASHABLE!!! Hurray for that!

Everyone should have a great black dress that can go from work to evening. This dress is appropriately named "5 to 9" because it can do just that! Pair it with some matte hosiery and pumps for the office and then slip into some sexy slingbacks for a night out! This dress is also machine washable and an absolute steal at $66

This "Greta Garbo" dress is one of those pieces that you would wear in the spring or fall. I love the light grey color and black belt accent. They styled it with tights, but you could absolutely wear this with bare legs and a patent slingback in spring/summer.

For all my prego friends out there (which, there seems to be a lot these days) This is the perfect work dress for you this fall. It is chocolate brown with long sleeves and is made of ultra comfy jersey knit. Pair it with some cute tights and a scarf and you are all set!


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