Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You didn't know what you were missing...

I have had quite a few people scoff at me when I say I love Babies-R-Us. Sure, it's big, the lighting is terrible, and it's floor to ceiling baby stuff. But, did you even know all of the hidden gems you can find there?  Not that long ago I found out that they carried a children's line by Cynthia Rowley. No lie. It's so cute, you can't even stand it. And the prices are phenomenal, anywhere from 7.99-$19.99. I was just there yesterday and I saw the new spring stuff. It's so precious, you may want to pack the kids in the car and make a trip...

these bloomers are to die for!

I looked all over for stuff like this last summer for Julian...isn't this precious? I would monogram it!

this henley onesie is simple, but great for layering

Babies R Us also carries all of my favorite Mustela products , which are not easy to find...

I always have these wipes on hand-they are gentle to the skin and smell delicious!

what is your favorite product from Babies R Us?

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  1. omg, who knew they carried such at babies-r-us!! thanks so much for your sweet message. best, shannon



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