Thursday, September 29, 2011

For a Boy and a Girl

My friend was looking for inspiration for her twins (one boy, one girl) bedroom. Eventually they will be moving them out of their cribs into big kid beds, so she was trying to come up with a theme for the room that would accommodate both children. I have to say, it's not an easy task!

My suggestion was to go neutral or soft blue on the walls which ties in great with pinks, greens and yellow.

Of all the images on Pinterest, my favorite is this grey, green and blue room. It's still juvenile enough for little ones, but would transition nicely as the kids get bigger.

This room is so bright and cheerful, what child wouldn't love to hang out here?
I like how they mixed so many vibrant colors in this twin room

The muted walls are the perfect backdrop for bright headboards and pillows

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Girl Crush: SMG

I have always loved Sarah Michelle Gellar. I never watched Buffy, but of course I got sucked into all her movies in the 90's. I still can't believe she married Freddie Prinz Jr.!!! She took a long hiatus from t.v. and movies, but now she is back...

Her new show, Ringer on the CW is fantastic.  She plays twins that are involved in this crazy, twisted plot. Typically, I am not much of a murder/mystery show person, but this one leaves me on the edge of my seat every time. 

So, are any of you out there watching? If not, you can still jump in it's only the 3rd episode tonight...8PM central time!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Greetings and a Giveaway!

If you get easily offended, then you should probably stop reading here. But, if you love a bit of crass and sarcasm (LIKE ME!) then you will totally dig gift and greeting card company Naughty Betty.

Chicago moms Christine and Courtney have developed this hysterical line of paper products and gifts with all the things you want to say, but maybe don't have the guts to do so. I was seriously cracking up as I was reading all of their greeting is funnier than the next. There is a card for just about any occasion.

For Love...

For your bestie...

If you need to apologizer...

For the new Mama...

Need to make light of an awkward situation? This divorce card is pretty funny...

When you miss someone...

And their Memo Pads are just as cute...

If you would like to win an assortment of goodies from Naughty Betty just comment below with your email address. A winner will be picked next Monday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Everyday Earrings

 I am one of those girls that never leaves my house without something in my ears...I just feel naked without them! I have had the same tiny gold studs and gold clover shaped hoops forever, and I am ready to replace them with something new. I need something to wear with both a tee shirt and jeans to something dressier for work. I definitely lean towards gold, but also love something with mixed metals...

I have wanted these forever and ever. They are the Lombok teardrop earrings by Anna Beck.

Or the Bali large drop earrings by Anna Beck are just as gorgeous

You can never go wrong with a great hoop. These "society hoops" by Rachel Leigh are twisted with tiny glass pearls embedded into them

And you can give me Citrine By The Stones jewelry any day of the week. Love these hammered discs...

These by Anya Mirabelle are stunning...

Just teeny tiny diamonds set in an 18K gold vermeil disc by Urban Posh

Very simple, but pretty and would go with just about anything. By Evelyn Knight

what do you wear everyday? Are you a diamond studs girl or do you prefer hoops?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Super (model) Mom: Meet Courtney!

Today's Super (model) Mom is Courtney from the blog, A Thoughtful Place. She was nominated by Cassie of Hi, Sugarplum. I am so glad to have now discovered her blog!  It is jam packed with fun decorating ideas and wonderful DIY projects. Here is a little bit about Courtney and her style inspiration...

Courtney is a stay at home mommy in Southern California. Riley, age 5 and Grady, age 3 keep her running in circles. To maintain her sanity, she began A Thoughtful Place one year ago and has fallen in love with the blogging community. Courtney loves all things home related including decorating, entertaining, organization, and DIY projects.

1.) Whose style do you admire most? 
I absolutely love Kate Middleton's style. She is classy and perfectly tailored, but always looks feminine and beautiful.

2.) If there is one celebrity closet you would like to raid, whose would it be?
Other than Kate Middleton, I would be pretty fired up if I had access to Sarah Michelle Gellar's closet. She always looks amazing

Sarah Michelle Gellar

3.) What is one item you would love to splurge on right now?
I am slightly obsessed with boots. I have already picked up a couple of pairs for fall, but if I could really go bananas it would be for the Isola Caley Boot. Gorgeous

4.) What are your favorite budget items?
Probably trendy pieces of jewelry from Forever 21 as well as tanks and shirts from Target. While I don't mind spending more on a great pair of jeans that will last me a long time {favorites are Hudsons} I grow tired of trendy tops and like to switch them out easily.  

5.) What is one item in your closet that you will always cherish?
When I first met my husband, ten years ago, I was wearing a pale purple tank. Strangely, it is still in style. But no matter what fashion trends come and go, I will always hang onto the top because of the memories it holds.  
6.) What is your favorite Fall 2011 trend?
I love a great Maxi skirt and love that they are around for fall. This is a super cute one from Anthropologie

Seamingly Maxi

7.) When it comes to Fashion vs. Home decor,which comes first? Which are you most likely to splurge on?
Without a doubt, my home. I am slightly obsessed with all things home related. Having said that, I am also a sucker for a great dress and fun pair of heels. My husband and I like to get away once a year and I will always splurge on a flirty dress and heels.

8.) What are your top 3 beauty items?
I like to keep things simple. I always felt that the more beauty products you get used to using, the harder it is to be low maintenance! So my three favorites are my smokey eye liner from MAC, Love Nectar lip gloss {MAC}, and my Oil of Olay Foaming Face Wash. Easy and simple!

9.) What is your favorite splurge for your kids?
Hmm. Well, my daughter is going to be sporting some serious Missoni zig zag this fall. I couldn't help myself at Target. We also splurge on a good pair of school shoes from Nordstrom {one great pair versus ten cheaper pairs that she complains about!}. For my son, I love a great Janie and Jack rugby shirt. He just looks so darn cute in them. Other than that, it's Target all the way!

10.) Top 3 favorite style blogs
1. Schue Love: I love her adorable Friday's Fancies Posts 
2. The Chloe Conspiracy: Doesn't get any cuter.
3. Brooklyn Blonde: Great outfit inspiration

Thank you Courtney for letting us know what inspires you!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pretty in Pink: A nursery for sweet Kitty

2 weeks ago I posted the awesome boys room that my friend Rachel did. Well, here is her new baby girl's room. Katherine, but affectionately known as Kitty is the first girl in the family, so after years of doing boys room Rachel was ready for some PINK!
Feature wall was hand stenciled by Rachel using cutting edge stencils
custom curtains made by Calico Corners
Throw by Dwell Studio


and the icing on the cake? I got to style and photograph sweet Kitty. Isn't she the cutest?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tiny Dancer

Have you started following the Little Style File? It's a darling new blog started by  Betsy of Cool Kids and Kristin of Ellie town. They share with you all of their cute kid finds and feature real mom and kid style.

This week they posted the best dance class finds under $25. I absolutely fell in love with these leotards by Whimsy Ranch. Much cuter than a classic pink or black, don't you think? I would have LOVED something like this when I was a little girl!

They start at 12-18 Months and go up to 6-8 years and range between $25 and $30. For all of Whimsy Ranch's leotard collection, click HERE

Monday, September 12, 2011

The infamous sweater...

I am sure you have all seen this image on about 100 other blogs. It's definitely making the rounds as inspiration for fall. Love the camel sweater and the arm party this girl has going on. So imagine my surprise when I actually found this sweater...or what I am pretty sure is this exact sweater...

I stumbled across it at the new Michael Kors store that just came to Kansas City. It's called the neck warmer sweater and it retails for about $100. You can also remove the cowl neck, which is fabulous. Two days ago it was available online, but now it is showing out of stock. But, if you have a store near you, I bet you can still pick one up.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Closet Confidential: The softer side of Utility

Right now I am loving the idea of mixing utility pieces with something softer. We have seen the uber popular Old Navy Utility Vest softened up with silk blouses and dresses.

I adore these J.Crew utility pants. They are almsost 2 years old, but I still love them! They look great with everything. To create my feminine utility look I paired it with a vibrant printed blouse and cami by Diane Von Furstenburg,,,it's almost's about 6 years old :).

I accessorized with my newest TB purchase, this cross body snake bag in Orange (which also can be a clutch, just by removing the straps). And in case you haven't heard, pointy toes are back! I busted out these oldies but goodies from Aldo (similar style in a variety of colors HERE)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The dress.

I am sure a lot of opinions are swirling about this Prada dress, but I have to say I am head over heels in love. The color, the bow, the It's absolute perfection! It just goes to show, you can do sexy without going over the top and showing too much skin. What do you think? Love or hate?

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Super (model) Mom: Meet Cassie

Cassie from Hi, Sugarplum was nominated by Megan from Honey We're Home to be the next Super (model) Mom to be featured. I was so glad Megan nominated her, because she is another favorite blogger of mine.

Cassie lives in Texas with her husband, son Jackson who is 10 and daughter Sloan who is 5. She started a blog to document her home projects and renovations and now 2 years later she has gained quite a following. She has shared some fabulous room makeovers, and she always finds incredible pieces from places like Home Goods and Marshalls. I love a girl with an eye for a bargain! Cassie is sweet as can be and is one of those bloggers you would love to know in person. So, without further ado, here is what inspires Cassie...

1) Who inspires you the most?
I am inspired by my girlfriends (in real-life and blogland). They manage to balance their lives, work, marriage and children...and still maintain a positive attitude. That motivates me to take each day and moment as it comes, enjoying and appreciating each one.

2) Which celeb closet would you most like to raid?
A cross between Jenna Lyons (I mean, hello, she has every piece JCrew ever designs!) and Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl). Not that I watch a show intended for teenagers or anything. I'm simply referring to pictures I've seen. *cough* And if my hair could look like Jennifer Lopez's did each week on Idol, that wouldn't suck either.


and the fantastic Jenna Lyons

3) What are your favorite "budget"  items?
I love accessories from Forever 21 and basic tees and tanks from Target. Even the clearance racks of higher-end stores have budget treasures (like the Zara skirt I just scooped up for $10!).

4) What is your favorite splurge?
It's not fashion related, but right now I'd love to splurge on an iPad! But then again, I could buy a few pairs of boots for I'll most likely end up with new boots.

5) What item in your closet do you treasure the most?
My engagement ring and wedding band are the only objects I'd be heartbroken to lose. And maybe my hot pink JCrew jacket with crystal buttons.

) What fashion trend from the past would you most like to bring back?
I have my share of skinny jeans, but I'm thrilled the boot cut and wide leg jeans are making comebacks. Way more flattering on my shape!

7) What item do you most look forward to handing down to your daughter?
I wore my grandmother's wedding dress, and my great-grandmother's veil when I married. It would be amazing if she chose to do the same. (Read about the dress here)

8) When it comes to fashion or decor...which comes first? What are you most likely to splurge on? Two years ago I would have said fashion. Then I started a blog about making over my house, and suddenly I spend my spare time at Home Depot instead of Nordstrom. I'm sure the pendulum will swing back again.

9)Top 3 favorite stores to shop for yourself?

10) Top 3 favorite style or home decor blogs?

There are too many home blogs to mention (that whole pendulum thing), but I adore The Chloe Conspiracy, Atlantic-Pacific and Love at First Shop


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