Sunday, February 28, 2010

Your little first mate

I posted recently about my love for resort wear, and specifically looks that are a touch nautical. It inspired me to make some cute girls hair bows (all on my Etsy site!), with this look in mind. By the way...I never had really "shopped" the girls stuff at crew cuts. I am dying. Cutest stuff EVER!

Love this multi colored stripe with something like this crisp white dress from Crew cuts and a denim jacket.

pair this with a very nautical navy and white striped dress by Petit Bateau, and pop them with super cool tennies by Superga.



Super cute with red and white stripes...

Friday, February 26, 2010

A statement piece.

Sisters, Satu and Celeste Greenberg are the dynamic duo behind the fabulous jewelry line, Tuleste Market. Each piece has a vintage feel, but with a modern twist. The girls started taking vintage pieces and re-working them, and quickly grew a huge following from friends. They took their passion to a new level and decided to start their own line.

Their work will stand the test of time, and would work back to almost anything in your closet. I also do love a big statement piece, and they seem to have a lot of them!  I am picturing these with the navy silk romper that I mentioned in my post yesterday...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Romper Room!

Well, it looks as though the romper is back for spring 2010. I love the idea of them, they are a nice alternative to the same old summer dress, and a step up from wearing shorts and a top. I am going to be spending hours with Tracy Anderson and  my new treadmill to be able to sport these shorts, but I do LOVE THEM. How perfect would these be for a warm summer day...

How cute is this one...OLD NAVY PEOPLE! $24.50, it also comes in black!

Free People, $148. I am loving the color and the print, very fresh for summer.

This is pretty hot...stretch silk by Mara Hoffman on Shopbop. $232

this has a cute, vintage feel. By Rachel Pally on Shopbop. $209

The heels make the look...this would be great for a night out on the town. Navy Jersey by Only Hearts on Shopbop. $106

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You didn't know what you were missing...

I have had quite a few people scoff at me when I say I love Babies-R-Us. Sure, it's big, the lighting is terrible, and it's floor to ceiling baby stuff. But, did you even know all of the hidden gems you can find there?  Not that long ago I found out that they carried a children's line by Cynthia Rowley. No lie. It's so cute, you can't even stand it. And the prices are phenomenal, anywhere from 7.99-$19.99. I was just there yesterday and I saw the new spring stuff. It's so precious, you may want to pack the kids in the car and make a trip...

these bloomers are to die for!

I looked all over for stuff like this last summer for Julian...isn't this precious? I would monogram it!

this henley onesie is simple, but great for layering

Babies R Us also carries all of my favorite Mustela products , which are not easy to find...

I always have these wipes on hand-they are gentle to the skin and smell delicious!

what is your favorite product from Babies R Us?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to dress that baby bump...

I am talking maternity style over at Stringbean Co today! Come by and check it out...HERE

A tisket, a tasket...I love a Moses Basket!

I have always loved the idea of a moses basket. I think they are great when the baby is really little, and you want to carry them from one room to the next. They certainly are an adorable addition to a nursery, and you could always put toys, stuffed animals or dolls in them once the baby is too big for it. I think most baskets are for 0-4 month old babies. I found a handful that are absolutely adorable.

These are from HooHobbers. All are made in the USA and are duvet style, so you can remove stuffing and wash them. They are extremely well priced at $140 and you can add a monogram for $12. I also love the rocking stand for only $48! AND they make a smaller version for a doll for $40. What a great gift for your little girl!

Posh Tots had the largest selection of baskets, but they were definitely on the higher end. This Serena and Lily Sausalito basket is to die for. They are simple but sturdy and can also be personalized (only if you purchase from Serena and Lily's site for $12 extra) The price is $239

And if you want to go with something just over the top gorgeous, I fell in love with these...

Seersucker Bow basket...LOOOOVE! $290 on Posh Tots

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello, Bright Eyes!

I feel like I have been on a never ending search for the perfect under eye concealer. I have tried many different lines, and what I have found is that they are usually very thick and very dry, which shows every teeny, tiny crease and wrinkle that you may have. It's terrible! Well, let me tell you, I have found my dream product!

Laura Mercier makes the most perfect product called the "Secret Concealer". It is an ultra-moisturizing concealer that is designed specifically to hide discoloration and, ahem, dark circles (perfect for this mom who doesn't quite get those 8 hours of blissful sleep anymore...). I really could not believe how great the product goes on, and how it truly covered up dark circles without giving me raccoon eyes! It also comes in a tub, which is wonderful to keep the product moist and not dried up. and a little goes a LOOOONG way, so you can really get your $22 worth.

I am going to give a shout out to my girl Maria, who manages the  Laura Mercier counter at Nordstrom, here in Kansas City. She introduced me to the product, and now I will never buy anything else. Thanks Maria!!!!

next mission...the perfect lip pencil!

Z is for...Zara!

My heart weeps because I am truly missing all of my favorite places in Chicago that had great fashion an even better price. Although I am an H&M girl through and through, I have in the past few years really grown to love Zara too. I happened to move from Chicago right when they got a Zara in the North Shore's Old Orchard Mall, and now they even have 2 stores downtown!!!

I love Zara for their simple silhouettes, amazing jackets and they always have just great basics with a twist. Their prices are a little higher than H&M, but at the same time I believe their quality is a bit better too. Unfortunately they don't have an online shopping site for the U.S. yet...maybe someday?

Their neutrals are always killer...

it's hard to believe that these items aren't "runway" designer gotta love those Spaniards!

There are currently stores in the U.S. HERE

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Y is for...Youngsters at fashion week.

Young attendees at the Cynthia Rowley installment at the Gagosian

Ariana and Erica Reid at Anna Sui
pictures via

Once again, my husband's Wall Street Journal has provided me with some interesting news. In an article in this morning's paper, they reveal that people are bringing their kids to runway shows. Yes, it's true. I don't even really want to bring my kid to Starbucks, much less bring him to a FREAKING RUNWAY SHOW. What are these people thinking? I am just picturing it...

You wear some amazing outfit with the perfect shoes and perfect handbag, only to have your kid crawling all over you and spilling his cheerios on your "fashion week attire". Is there anything more miserable? Kids are not an accessory (no matter how cute they are). period.

picture via

Oh and on the topic of kids at fashion week, you may have heard of Tavi. The 13 year old very successful blogger who attended Paris fashion week as well as NY fashion week. She is stirring things up in the fashion world, and I am not sure what to think of it. There are many people that are disgusted with her, and others that totally support her unique style and viewpoint.

On one hand I think it's amazing that she has done so much at such a young age, and good for her for having such a passion for this industry. On the other hand, she's 13. She has the rest of her life to be traveling the world and being exposed to the world of fashion. Shouldn't she be in school? Hanging with friends? Doing things only a 13 year old can do?  She is one lucky girl for being able to do all these wonderful things...but is 13 too young? Any thoughts?

X is for...eXquisite

X is a hard one, so I kind of cheated on this letter. But it is in the word "exquisite" so I decided to work around that. I just re-subscribed to Elle Decor after taking a year off. I am so glad I did, it's one of my absolutely favorite magazines. Only gives me major home envy. In the most recent issue they featured the home of Oprah Show producer, Ellen Raiketen's Chicago apartment. Holy Cow. Give me the keys, I want to move in with her. Every detail, her colors, the furnitue, the artwork...EXQUISITE!

In the article, Ellen describes her taste as being all over the board. She claims to be a bit "hollywood regency, flea market, midcentury French, modern, granny chic, beachy, and english club". When I read this I could totally relate! My taste in home decor is very schizophrenic too. But for Ellen, with the help of Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle she was able to combine all of her different aesthetics into one gorgeous home. By the way, Ellen was able to buy the 2 units above them and undergo a 20 month renovation to expand their space and create a home that would accommodate her family, which includes 2 growing boys.

Please excuse my scanner, my pics don't do it justice.  But here are some of my favorite rooms in the home...

the Dressing room is phenomenal. Love the big windows and all the natural light. The Chandelier is vintage Bauges. The rug is patchwork cowhide. How amazing is that?

I am not so crazy about the table and chairs, BUT...those hand painted silk wall coverings speak to me. If you look closely there are birds and beautiful flowers. And the mirrored buffet table is a fun pop to the otherwise formal room. The chandelier is Ventetian.

This is the library. It is so cozy to me, I would love to sit in this room and read or work on my blog. Ha! The wall color is phenomenal, it is called Off Black by Farrow and Ball. I need this color in my home. I also am planning to do a wall cluster like she has done here. It's such a great way to display smaller photos and works of art.

The bottom two pics are of her boys rooms. I doubt my son would be sporting a cashmere Hermes throw, but I love that she has that thrown in there! I especially love her clean white kitchen and the breakfast nook. 

I guess I will be calling Nate next time I need to re-do my home...


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