Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn

My friend Gina (amazing, talented and super stylish mom who is also a had a conversation the other night about shoes...we hate to sacrifice style by not wearing heels, but when you are toting around a 20 pound plus baby, heels just sometimes aren't an option. We were also discussing how we seem to buy "many" pairs of shoes per season, but then end up having to replace them after a season because they just weren't the best quality.

My problem is that I essentially ruined my feet after years of stuffing my feet into pointy toe shoes and heels that were too high and then I continued to ruin my feet when I did the same thing while pregnant  So, 2 foot procedures later has left me feeling like I need to give my piggy's a little T.L.C. I think this fall I am going to channel my inner Audrey and invest in some gorgeous, yet functional YET comfortable black flats.

I have been on the search, let me tell would think something like a black flat would be easy, but, no it really isn't. A lot of the flats are super embellished or they have a huge rose on the toe, or they are open toe. Geeeeeez...what is a girl to do?

I spent some time on the internet (because Kansas City is SERIOUSLY lacking in places to buy great shoes. I am sort of loving the Elizabeth and James ruffle, pointy toe....

Or these are pretty fantastic too...but in black...

I really love Arturo Chiang, and even though these have some embellishment, they are cute...

Now, these are the most classic and may just be my best option...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Neck Candy...

Who needs arm candy when you can have a little neck candy?!  I ADORE a statement piece and when it comes to necklaces, the bigger the better! When I saw these I immediately thought they looked like candy sprinkles all strung together to form a gorgeous necklace.  The colors are fabulous and would be a great pop to any outfit...

Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm kind of in love...

I love when good blogs introduce you to something new...I have to give a shout out to the Glam Lamb for introducing me to this fabulous site called iomoi. It's so wonderful, so colorful and I love everything on there! They just introduced a new product to their line, which I think you all would love.

I have always been obsessed with the most coveted Goyard handbags...gorgeous and French and you can have them personalized. They are out of this world expensive and I won't be getting one any time is a pic of one...

courtesy of

Thankfully, iomoi has come out with their own hip monogram bag that is EASSSSYYYY on the wallet and super functional for all you Mom's out there. This may JUST have to be my beach tote for next summer...

and here are a few of my favorite monograms...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Let's give a big blog welcome...

to "The Huntress Lives"!!!! A fabulous blog dedicated to great finds for your home and wonderful decor ideas brought to you by my wonderful friend Amy.

Amy and Mel on their balcony in Chicago

I met Amy when we lived in the same building in Chicago. She always looked SO cute and both her and her husband could not have been sweeter. We would always chat in passing but had never spent much time together. One summer day we were both laying out on the building's sun deck and we had a marathon girl talk session...everything from makeup to clothes, to decor and manicures and the list goes on...I am sure we both got burnt that day because we didn't stop talking!!!!  From that day on, it was like we were sorority sisters living in the same building. We spent hours on the sun-deck, had double dates with our husbands and chatted incessantly about all of the things we wanted to buy.  Unfortunately, our time together was short-lived, as my husband and I decided to move to Kansas City not long after that summer.

Thankfully, distance has not made a difference. We have remained good friends through phone calls and emails.

I am just SO thrilled that Amy is doing a blog now. Her taste is exquisite, she has a wonderful eye, and she can spot a bargain like nobody's business!!! I hope you will stop by her blog today and become a follower!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My jewelry obsession continues...

Apparently I am not the only one who isn't inspired by the current fall fashion...even style maven The Glamourai recently posted about how she's been less than excited about the current offerings in stores...So, with that said, I am just going to keep talking about all my favorite accessories this season! Accessories make me happy, they are somewhat easy on the pocket book, and really they never go out of style.

M Designs is one of my FAVE, FAVE, FAVE jewelry designers. I have been wearing her pieces for years now. I first met the designer, Michelle when I was a buyer for Mark Shale. I had recently taken over the jewelry department, and I wanted to incorporate some new lines into our selection. My friend Mollie from Shopbop mentioned this line she was carrying that she couldn't keep in stock! I had to meet her and check out the line.

Michelle is an amazing woman, she's a mother of 2 and she left the corporate world after 20 years to raise her kids and pursue her hobby of fine art as a business. After taking a metal-smith class and selling a few of her pieces very quickly, M Designs was born!!!

When we met, I immediately fell in love with the line and Michelle was such a delight to work with. Working mainly in sterling silver and gold-filled materials, each item is stamped, aged and constructed by hand. It has a one of a kind look that is both unique and beautiful. What I love about her pieces is that you can wear them everyday and you can also layer them with other pieces and they look just as fabulous. This was my first purchase from her line it says " Be great in little things" in Italian. I love the chain link and the saying has been sort of a mantra for me.

She also does FABULOUS custom jewelry. Great for Mom's and Grandmother' can personalize a necklace with your child's name and still look stylish!!! She will work with each individual customer to get you exactly what you are looking for...

And here are some great pieces from her Fall 2009 line...

I am so fortunate to have met Michelle...over the years we have kept in touch even though I am not doing "business" with her. I am so excited to share her line with you! Here are a list of stores that you can purchase her items. or, you can also become a fan on FB to see her latest designs!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not just any old tee shirt...

I have talked about my love for J.Crew's vintage tees on my blog before. They are super soft and have unique screen prints. I am SO not into crass verbiage or cheesy prints on my tee shirts. You better believe I wouldn't put my kid in something like that either. I stumbled upon a phenomenal line of tee shirts on one of the best kids sites, Fawn & Forest (known for their wide selection of "green" kids products).

The line is called Shirin Kids, named after the designer herself. The line of tees is all eco-friendly and  individually hand-silk screened with water based ink that creates a really soft look in the shirt. She designs her own prints and textiles, which creates the beautiful, sophisticated and somewhat edgy look to her line. They range between $30 and $75 for short and long sleeved tees.  Of course, the girl stuff is to die for, here are some of my favorite looks from her line.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just cinch it...

With all the oversize "boyfriend" looks for fall, I am feeling the need for some great belts! A belt instantly adds shape and interest to an oversize top and it can make a plain top interesting. Forever 21 has a fabulous selection right now, all under $15...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Drape me in Dannijo please!

I watch the Today show, or should I say it's more "background" noise in the morning. Half the time I don't pay attention, until last week when I heard them talking about 2 sisters who started a jewelry company called Dannijo. I immediately stopped what I was doing, the story caught my attention...2 sisters, moved to NYC from Florida and started this phenomenal jewelry line that has been picked up by Net-A-Porter, Bergdorf's, ShopBop, just to name a few...their quick success is not surprising. And, I mean, how cute are they?

 As soon as the show was over I immediately got online to see all the pieces they had to offer. I literally was thinking to myself, ok, how can I convince my husband that I "need" a $438 cuff bracelet. Yeah, probably not going to happen, but one can dream, right? Oh wait, I DO have a Birthday in 2 weeks...hmmmmm...

Danielle and Jodie's pieces are absolutely one of a kind...the type of jewelry that you will have forever and always love because they MAKE an outfit. Here is just a small sampling of what these girls do...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Flirty, Fresh, and Fun...

I wore Reem Acra for my wedding day, and what I wouldn't give to wear her designs again...

I love her Spring Ready to Wear line just as much as her bridal collection. She really knows how to work with a woman's body and make items that are simple, yet stunning and wearable for more than one season. Her color palette was bright and cheerful; shades of golds,oranges, reds and blues (which all seem to be a trend for spring 10). Some of my favorite pieces were vintage florals in soft silhouettes. Oh and the SHOES...simple, open toed with some jewels on the top. I have to find out who makes the shoes!

 Here are some of my faves from her Spring 2010 collection.
photos courtesy of New York magazine

She is really hitting the nail on the head with prints, I absolutely love this bold floral. and the BELT, FAB...

The cut of this dress is very flattering, and I love the flirty length and movement of the skirt

perfect party frock! God, I really do love those shoes...

If you know me, you know I love a red dress...this is simple and elegant. A show stopper.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why, oh why do they tempt me?!

I am so, so fond of Serena and Lily. I fell in love with them when I worked at Lauren Alexandra, a gorgeous baby store here in Kansas City. My love affair continued when I got pregnant and decided to do my nursery in Serena and Lily's "Ben" bedding. I absolutely love their colors and their style's a unique mix of classic, antique and ethnic.

You can only imagine how excited I was when I discovered they had added a BAZAAR section to their website. Oh yes, it's true! One of a kind finds from flea markets, estate sales or from local antique stores that are hand picked by the Serena and Lily team AND are available for sale to a price of course...

Their finds are amazing. Everything from art work, to furniture, to rugs and fabrics. I am DROOOOLING over these 3 pieces. Too bad they already sold!!!! A reminder to shop quick...these were just available yesterday!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Want to give your kid some Street-Cred? Dress them in Appaman!

You may already be familiar with Appaman. Known best for their super hip kid silhouettes and trademark monkey logo, this line has become a huge hit among my friends and celebrity parents as well. You may have seen the photo of Gwyneth's son Moses in their black puffer jacket from last season (so cute!)

photo courtesy of

 My friend Casey introduced me to the line and I instantly fell in love. FOR ONCE there was something for boys that wasn't just trademark blue and brown, and something other than a drawstring sweatpant. I love their tees too, the prints are innovative and fun! They also have a fabulous girls and babies line too, that is not to be missed!

Lynn Husum, Co-Founder of Appaman was gracious enough to do a little interview with moi for you all...I  love her story, it's really an inspiration. Here goes...

How did Appaman go from an "idea" to reality? Tell us a little bit about how you got started... 
 My husband and I were joking about putting adult imagery on pint size tees. This was 7 years ago so at the time it seemed innovative, now obviously everyone has caught on.  He started dying tees in our washing machine in our 600 sq. foot apt. in Brooklyn. We hit the pavement with them and went to every cool kid store in NYC and a few picked them up. Many of those first accounts are still customers. It felt organic how it grew but there were strong elements of luck, passion, talent and ambition.

Did you have a background in clothing design?  
No I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and Harald was an Art Director for a magazine.

What has been your biggest challenge as a children's clothing designer?  
For us the challenge was in the fit. The designs have always come naturally. We live in an incredible city with inspiration around every corner so that is the fun part. Getting the fit right was hard in the beginning. Dealing with kids is difficult considering all the body shapes out there. The diaper dilemma is always a big conundrum but eventually we put together a great team to figure this out.

any words of wisdom for other future entrepreneurs? Go for it!! 
Don't get bogged down by business plans and mission statements. Roll up your sleeves and get out there.

You guys use some of the cutest, most unique graphics on your items, are they vintage or your own creations? 
 All of our designs are done by Harald, my husband. We have done two collaboration collections but those have only been two or three pieces. Harald is a foreigner in a foreign land and I think the way he looks at life brings true inspiration to the collection. He also has fun with little hidden secrets to family members and friends in the collections. Everything is intentional.

What are your 3 favorite items from your line this season?  
Our fall 09 collection is my favorite to date. My favorite pieces are for boys the british biker jacket and the avone collection and for girls the diamond dress and the canary vest. I think they are fun, chic and very age appropriate.

Any thing you can tell us about Spring 2010 in kidswear?  
The only thing I know about Spring 2010 is what we are doing. It is a great collection with the softest fabrications and great new graphics. We have some really fun new pull on camp shorts for boy in a french terry and some great vintage inspired track shorts for girls. We are also offering a maxi dress due to the begging of my daughters and their friends.

I don't know about you all, but I am dying for that british biker coat...AND, I love that they are doing a french terry short for spring!!! for stores that carry the line, click HERE

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Fierce" is an understatement...

So, unlike some other fashion bloggers like the uber-chic Glamourai and 13 Year Old Tavi at The Style Rookie (do we really think she is 13?!)...I am not attending fashion week...I did not get to see L.A.M.B or attend Alexander Wang's after party.

Sadly, I am reporting all this fashion goodness from the comforts of my home! I did get to relish in some great features of the shows sipping a great red (St.Supery) by candlelight Friday night. Of all the shows this past weekend that I have seen on NY Magazines site, Christian Siriano has been my favorite by a long shot.

You all may remember Christian-the pint sized, crazy haired winner of Project Runway 2 seasons ago. His runway show for spring was AH-MA-ZING...

His dress silhouettes are unbelievably chic and totally wearable. He also had some retro silhouettes that were really beautiful, like high waisted shorts paired with a soft blouse. I loved his color palette of warm shades of tan and beautiful cerulian Blues. It reminded me of the beach and water, very soft and absolutely stunning. Here were just a few of my favorite looks...

If I had killer legs, I would sport some shorts like this

The color and drape of this dress is amazing

What a fabulous, fun party dress

Simple and clean, but I love the color and the detail in the seaming

This would be a to die for wedding dress...LOVE!


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