Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Party Pouchette

I wish I had one of these for New Year's Eve, don't you? Love the colors and it fits perfectly on your wrist! And at only $60, you don't even have to justify it! By Nelle handbags

For Him and for Her

Jonathan turned me on to Molton Brown products when we first met. In Chicago we could find their products anywhere and now that we live in Kansas City, we are missing our Molton Brown! Thankfully Jonathan's parents ordered him some new products for Christmas. My husband isn't too thrilled that I will be using his favorite products too, but we DO share a shower.

I love their clean unisex scents. Even their re-charge Black Pepper wash, which seems like it would be very masculine comes off smelling warm and clean. We got one of the big bars of soap that has big peppercorns in the bar (sounds weird, I know), but it feels like someone is giving you a good back scratch while you are using it.

We also got the Brave new world gift set which comes with their warming Eucalyptus body wash and sea salt scrub. It makes your entire bathroom smell like a spa, and it's good for the sinuses this time of year. It also comes with the Vitalising AB+C wash which smells equally amazing.

Do you love Molton Brown too? What is your favorite scent?

Monday, December 27, 2010

The big reveal

Did everyone have a Merry Christmas? Is anyone else kind of excited to put all the decor away and move onto 2011 (specifically Spring)? It's only December and I am already thinking about shorts and flip flops and the fun colors that only spring/summer can bring.

So, I had many people asking what was in that adorable Tory Burch bag under our Christmas tree. Well, my dear husband had such good intentions. He got me this necklace, which on the website (and in her styled resort photos) the necklace looks amazing. But in person it was quite another story. It's neon rubber, wrapped in metal and it weighs about 10lbs. It was just too expensive to keep, knowing that I wouldn't wear it that often. He even agreed it just didn't look right.

So, now I have a pretty nice Tory Burch credit to use up! What should I get? I am so torn between many different items...

I know some may say the Reva is "out", but I still love them! I have always wanted these leopard flats, they go with EVERYTHING. 
This would be so cute stacked with other bracelets and my watch that has an orange band...don't you love Orange and pink together?

These Espadrilles would be a Mom's best friend for summer! Espadrilles are so comf!

and the stylish devil sitting on my other shoulder is saying go with something more bold, more interesting! But, I am thinking I just wouldn't get that much use out of these.

OR, do I get a handbag? I am thinking a Tote or something more casual. Maybe it's time to bring back the backpack ( a la the Prada Nylon version of 1999)

What do you think I should do? I need your help!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Joy to the World

As I reflect on 2010, I am so thankful for all of the wonderful opportunities writing has brought...a new job, new friends and inspiration every day from all of the lovely blogs I follow. I look forward to continuing this journey in 2011!

this gorgeous artwork is by Janet Hill Studios

I hope that you and your families have a joyous holiday. We have rain, but I am praying for a White Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

For Wizards?

My husband came home with some new hair product a few weeks ago and I was very skeptical. The guy that does our hair is awesome, but somehow he always talks Jonathan into buying some crazy product...and it's usually kind of expensive.

I picked up the bottle and it is called Davines "Sea Salt Primer for Wizards". For Wizards? Whaaaaaaat? Crazy name right? Well, it does have crazy good results, and now I can look past the name. It's a volumizer that smells delicious (like the beach). It feels really light when you spray it on, but it actually give you a lot of oomph. Especially when I spray it on before I hot roll it, or curl light waves into my hair with a curling iron. It's not cheap at $25, but it does come in a big bottle and it seems like it will last a while.

Way to go Hubs for finally bringing home a product I can use! Anyone else try Davines products and love them too?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TB under the Tree

This little lovely found itself under our tree yesterday. Hmmm, what could it be?!!! I don't know what I was more excited about the packaging (HOW ADORABLE?!) or the contents inside! Only 3 more days to Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Left on Houston

This time of year I LOOOOOVE a good sweater. I am actually kind of picky about them, I like something unique and even if I have to spend a little bit more it is usually worth it. I came across the line Left on Houston on Mark Shale's website. These sweaters are phenomenal. They are classic, with some amazing details.They seem to be around $175-$200. If you want to find a store that carries the line nearest you, click HERE

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's in the bag (and all under $200)

I could online shop handbags all day long. There are soooooo many options. If a girl had all the money in the world, how would she choose? Or maybe she wouldn't, maybe she would just buy them all!

while "browsing" online I found some REALLY cute options, and at surprisingly decent prices!


I have a few Deux Lux bags and they are awesome! SUPER affordable, and they always have tons of style. How great is this studded drawstring bag? $124 on Deux Lux

The King Hobo by Deux Lux is AH-MA-ZING. And yes, only $128, it also comes in 6 colors.

This Halston Heritage bag would go the extra mile. I feel like it would be worth the investment, because you could use it forever. It is a fold over, which gives you a little more space for your belongings. $195 on Shopbop

This is the Mercer Clutch by Deux Lux. Isn't she adorable? What's even more adorable is the price, $64!!! Available in 6 colors.

This bag is CALLING my name for spring! Love the colors and the tiny little handle, it also has a removeable long strap to carry cross-body as well! $195 by 12th St. By Cynthia Vincent

What bags are you lusting for this season?

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Have you read the January 2011 edition of Town & Country Magazine? The one with gorgeous Lake Bell and that unbelievable Oscar gown on the cover? Inside is a captivating story about famed Supermodel Dorian Leigh (do you love the name Dorian too? so unique!)

Dorian was one of the first "supermodels" of our time. And I don't want to spoil the entire article, but it has also been said that she is the inspiration behind the character Holly Golighly in Truman Capote's "Breakfast at Tiffany's". After reading the article, I want to know more! She had a very interesting, yet tragic life.  It seems like she could never catch a break...outside of her infamous beauty, of course. I am sure you have seen some of her iconic photographs before. Simply stunning are the only words I have. Such a classic beauty...

She has an autobiography, "The Girl Who Had Everything"...I may have to pick it up!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Red, White and cool

A friend of mine posted a link to the article that featured this nursery. The minute I saw it I knew I needed to find out more! It is easily one of the coolest boy rooms that I have come across. Local design firm, Noble Designs was the brainchild behind this chic baby nursery.

The clients condo had super high ceilings, so to bring your eye down to crib level, Sara Noble painted red and white horizontal stripes. I think this makes the room, don't you?

One of my favorite accents to the room is the amazing lighting fixture, do you see the flower pattern it casts on the wall? The grandparents snagged it up in Dallas at Ikea, and it was one of the most inexpensive items in the room. 

Sara found the bike letterpress prints and the crib bedding was custom made by vendors from Etsy. She carried the bike theme through with the cute red bicycle pillow on the chair.

The long curtains were trimmed with red pom-pon trim which added a bit of whimsy to the plain white drapes.

The clients are KU fans, and took this Jayhawk and spray painted it white for a more "Jonathan Adler" sort of look. I think it is a darling touch to the room.

Kudos to Sara Noble and her design team. I am sure she has one thrilled client!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Party Dress table challenge: Belles and Bows Party

I am so thrilled to be featured on The Party Dress' Holiday Table Challenge today! To see the entire party, click HERE

And thanks to Kelly for letting an "amateur" party planner participate, I had the BEST time. I am slowly learning that this whole party planning thing can be kind of addicting!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fit for a queen...

I have a new found love for Temple St.Clair jewelry. I landed on their online site and I spent quite a bit of time just ogling all the goodies. Every piece is so gorgeous. I love the antique look and the vibrant stones and colors she uses in each piece. Too bad they are all in the $1000-$15,000 price range...yes, it's true...oh well, it's fun to look at, right? Here are some that caught my fancy...

Super (Model) Mom: Meet Amy

Amy and Marco taken by the fabulous Betsy Marie photography (she is in the Dallas area ladies, and her work is unbelievable!!!!)

A lot of you probably know Amy, she is also known as "The Huntress" in the blog world. Her fabulous blog brings you beautiful images of home decor, her own house projects and great finds big and small. Amy has brought me a lot of inspiration over the years. She has taught me to be more feminine when it comes to decorating and she has introduced me to things like Baker Furniture, Hermes scarves and Wallpaper. The girl has impeccable taste!!!!

Amy and friend (and old neighbor!) Dan

Amy and I were neighbors in Chicago for only a short while, but we have maintained our long distance friendship over the years. Thank God for cell phones and Facebook! I so miss living in the same building, it was like having a sister just a few floors down to be able to talk fashion, decor, you name it...
3 years later Amy and her husband Brad are now in the suburbs of Chicago raising a rowdy and BEYOND gorgeous son Marco. Amy is the type of girl that always looks perfect without trying too hard. She is timeless and chic and just knows how to incorporate trends into her wardrobe that keep her looking current but not too trendy.

Amy, thank you for participating! Even though I know you well, it was fun to read your answers! And now, here is a look into what inspires The Huntress...

What is your "uniform" or items in your closet you go to the most?
I love leggings, jean leggings or the J. Crew Pixie pant with riding boots and a longer sweater/top. I definitely don't like to wear jeans now that I am chasing a toddler around, I found them so uncomfortable!!!!

What is your favorite beauty/fashion splurge?
I recently did the Keratin straightening process to my hair and it has literally changed my life :) It use to take me 35-40 mins to blow my hair out and now it only takes me about 5-10 mins tops!!! Plus now I can do my hair sleep on it and wear it down again for up to two more days without re-washing/blow drying !!! On top of being so much easier the condition of my hair has improved too it has never looked so shiny and healthy. My hubby is equally as thrilled because I can get ready so much faster and without any hair meltdowns! It was not cheap but it's the best money I've EVER spent on a beauty treatment hands down. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with wavy/curly hair.

What is your favorite budge beauty/fashion item?

Beauty wise I would have to say CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume mascara, it is by far the best I have ever used. It doesn't clump and makes your lashes go on forever! Plus it only costs around $6.00!!! For fashion it's F21 all the way, I have found some amazing pieces there that look great and don't cost a fortune!

I have to credit Melanie for my F21 obsession she introduced it to me years back when we both lived in Chicago, thanks Mel!!!!

Whose closet would you most like to raid?

That's a hard one...but I would have to say Olivia Palermo from The City. First, let me say I don't particularly care for her but her style is to DIE for!!! I adore how she mixes vintage and new pieces to make truly amazing looks!!! I am also obsessed with her vintage jewelry collection, I have several pieces of my Grandmothers and they are my FAVS!!!

Who inspires you the most?
I would have to say all the fantastic mothers I know especially my Mom! They have taught me how to be a good mom to my son and I get strength and knowledge from them everyday! Being a mother is the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done and could not do it without the love and support of my amazing Mom and my wonderful mom friends! xoxoxo

As someone who loves home decor so much, do you feel that fashion and interiors go hand in hand?
You know I have never really thought about this before but I definitely see a correlation between the two for me personally. My fashion style and home decor style are a fusion between old and new. My home and closet both veer towards the more traditional side but with a modern twist. For example I love Forever 21 for trendy pieces but often pair them with vintage jewelry and bags.

What item in your closet will you never part with?
The necklace my Grandmother gave me on my twenty-first birthday, I have never taken it off since she gave it to me! I always get a million complements on it and I have never really seen anything else like it!

What is your favorite trend this season?

I am really loving leg warmers with tall boots (I know this was in last year too) it is perfect for Chicago winters and looks cute too!

For evening I love, love, love off he shoulder tops/dresses--it's a sexy look without being over the top.

Anything special on your Christmas list?
Not really we just had to purchase a new car so that's my gift this year!!!!

What has been your favorite purchase for your son Marco (clothing wise)
Definitely the new Ugg boots my parents just bought for him! They have made this winter so much easier to deal with. Instead of searching for his socks and shoes I can just throw on his Ugg boots and we are out the door. I think he has worn them everyday since we got them.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My wish list.

Geez, I feel somewhat selfish posting about what I want this year, but, I am not going to apologize. It's been quite a year and I have really not shopped all that much for myself (believe it or not). Last year I got a really amazing handbag, so I don't really expect much this year. But, if Santa does want to treat me to a few lovelies, here is what is on my list...

I mean, how 10 years ago am I???? I have not purchased new boots in years, and I think mama is due for a new pair! Hunters are fabulous for KC slushy, wet weather. I am going to stick with traditional and go with the Hunter Green as my color of choice.

I am terrible for forgetting where I saw this necklace posted, but I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it. I love the modern setting for the cross, and it isn't overly expensive. By Winknyc.com

I am dying for some Cashmere fingerless gloves. Love the fun colors that Nordstrom has, and the price is right at $38

still lusting after some Lululemon. This scoop neck tank is on my "must-haves" list.

And if Santa wants to go all out, this satin bag by Tory Burch is definitely on the top of my list. After all, Pantone has listed pink as one of the hottest colors for 2011! By Tory Burch on Shopbop

yes, the list is boring and small, but really it's all about the little guy this year. Can't wait to see his face on Christmas morning!


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