Monday, February 1, 2010

L is at first smell!

How many times have you smelled a fragrance on someone only to purchase it and it smells completely awful on you? It's a VERY common mistake, people don't realize that it takes time and some "trying on" to find the perfect scent. It is kind of like finding your perfect mate, it takes chemistry. Everyone's body reacts completely different to certain fragrance. After years of frustration in trying to find something that worked well on my body, I did a little bit of research.

I discovered that perfumes have 3 “notes” which play into how a fragrance will react with your body. There is a top note-which you smell first, and which fades the quickest. The middle note-which is what you smell after about 20 minutes and then the base note, which is what you are left with and will remain the longest. When you are looking into buying a perfume, you should find out what the notes are so that when you do find something you love, you are familiar with what works best for you.

Creed creates the MOST intoxicating fragrances I have ever smelled. They use only the finest natural ingredients, and part of the creation process is actually done by hand. They are family run, and have been around since 1760. They have created signature scents for Princess Grace (Fleurissimo), Audrey Hepburn (Spring Flowers), and have a celebrity clientele list that goes on forever. 

I recently discovered their newest scent, Acqua Fiorentina. Let me tell you, it was love at first smell. It has Top notes of renaissance roses, pink carnation. The middle notes are renaissance roses, pink carnations and calabrian lemons. The Base note is Virginia Cedar and Sandalwood. When I first tried it on, I  got a bright splash of florals and then it moved into a really clean fresh smell, and you are left with the warm sandalwood. I couldn't believe how perfect it smelled on me. I was also so grateful that Kim (the Creed specialist at Hall's-Plaza location) let me take a sample to try. I feel like you need to take fragrance for a test run, especially if you are spending $200 (which is what most Creed Fragrances go for). 

My husband has worn Imperial Mellesime, Silver Mountain Water and Original Vetiver for years. Silver Mountain Water is so fabulous, I would steal a few squirts every so often. The great thing about their fragrances too is that they are unisex. You can get a little more bang for your buck if you share them with your sweetie!

Do you have a favorite Creed Fragrance?

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