Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stylish Spooky

I can't believe I am writing about Halloween already...hard to believe, right? But I know all of you out there are thinking about it! Costumes are showing up everywhere, even the halloween decor is out at most stores. Since I was in the spirit, I decided to start making some bows. Here are some of my newest Mel-Belles paired with adorable finds from Etsy

I adore...

a man that is willing to take risks with his style. I feel like my husband has always done a pretty good job with tapping into his own individual style, despite what everyone else is wearing.  Sometimes men can just be as inspiring as women, as documented by The Sartorialist. So, Jonathan...this one is for you:

yes, my husband would totally rock a sweater like this. In fact, I believe he has something very similar. 

Who knew a denim sport coat could look so chic?

I love everything about this look...especially the shades

not sure about the jewelry, but this suit/tie/shirt combo is impeccable

taking denim to a whole new level...

what do you think? Would this be too over the top for the man in your life?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Beauty Buzz

I've added a few new items to my beauty bag and thought I would share them with you. I am a cosmetics junkie, and so I love it when I find new products that just WOW me!

A good friend of mine is a beauty buyer and let me sample Tarte's new lip stains. If you love the cheek stain, then you will ADORE the version for your lips. I have never had anything stay on my lips as long and that are actually moisturizing.  In fact, this product has been clinically proven to moisturize lips by 6000%!!!! That is quite a statistic! I own Lust (the red shade) and it is a great natural, rosy red. It's such a light shade of red, I really think you could wear it every day. $24 available at Sephora or at Beauty Brands

Another great Tarte product is their primer with Wrinkle Re-Wind technology. Not only does it minimize pores, but it also decreases lines and wrinkles and increases the appearance of your skins firmness by 47%. I love that it  makes your makeup go on more evenly and will help it stay put throughout the day. It's under $35 which is also great for a primer. $32 on Sephora or at Beauty Brands.

I mentioned this product very early on in my blogging. I have not used Duri Rejuvecote  for 2 years, because nobody in Kansas City sells this. I was trying to avoid having to order it and pay shipping...it seemed silly for a nail polish. But my nails were paying the price! They started to chip again, not grow as fast and just overall they didn't look as good. I bit the bullet, and I am glad I did. This product is amazing. If you do your own nails, it's a wonderful base and top coat. If you get manicures, it will extend them much longer just by putting it on each day after. It's $12 (plus shipping) but SO worth it!

Lastly, this is my favorite "end of summer" color. It's called Flirt by Essie and it is a wonderful color to transition into fall. It's in between coral and red, and it looks great when you still have a tan without looking too summery. I believe it is an old color, but I never seem to tire of it! available HERE 


I normally adore January Jones. She usually pushes the envelope, but in a good way. I could have forgiven her for the bad hair and unfinished makeup, but the dress and shoes made it one of the worst looks of the evening. She is beyond gorgeous, and I was just bummed to see her in such an unfortunate get-up. Am I alone here? Or do you all agree?

picture via Huffingtonpost.com 

on a happier note...The Glee girls knocked it out of the park with their old Hollywood Glamour

Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera via

Lea Michele in Oscar De La Renta via

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goody,Goody, GumDrop!

Looking for the perfect pouf for a toddler bed or even a cozy chair? Look no further than the gumdrop pillow from Pixie Dust Decor. Each pillow is made with a combo of 2 fabrics and can be personalized with your child's initial. How sweet! Want to know the best part? Right now Pixie Dust Decor is offering a Daily Candy deal of 25% off their ENTIRE SITE! Just enter DCDEALS at checkout.

A lifestyle tip from Holly Golightly

You remember the scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's...Holly wakes up to her buzzer ringing. She comes to the door to greet "Paul" AKA "Fred" sporting A man's tux shirt, hair perfectly coifed, ear plugs and the ever famous sleep mask. I am not sure I have ever looked that chic rolling out of bed!

I too have worn a sleep mask for years. It started with an overseas flight (where they give them to you on the plane). Then it continued in Chicago when I had the ability to sleep as long as I wanted, but didn't want the light to keep me awake. I still use it, because it blocks out all light and I sleep way more soundly than when I don't use it.

If you can find one that is super soft, you will not even notice that you are wearing it! My husband even tries to steal mine...I guess I need to get him his own for Christmas this year. If you are looking to buy one, here are some cute ones that I found...

How hilarious is this?! I am totally cracking up!

Love these Eco chic by Laura Langley $20 HERE

anyone else sporting a sleep mask at night? do you love them too?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blissful Butterflies

Rebekah from a Blissful Nest did the sweetest butterfly birthday party for her daughter, Lauren. Rebekah makes very cute paper products, so it was no surprise that the party turned out perfect. The pink and yellow color theme is obviously a favorite of mine (I used the colors for Gigi's shower). It's so cheerful, especially for a late summer party...

isn't the striped fabric fantastic?

cuter than cute Birthday girl

adding a ribbon to the top of the stand is very festive

what an outstanding little cake!

Stay tuned to her blog this week, she is going to give some tips on how to duplicate the dessert table and other DIY's from the party!

Sophisticated Sneakers

They know what they are doing in Italy. When it comes to design, they just always seem to get it right! The same goes for a favorite of mine, Superga Tennis shoes. Julian's best "girlfriend" had them on the other day and it just re-affirmed my love for the shoe. Little Charlotte had them on with the cutest floral dress. It was the perfect combo of sweet and sporty. I of course love them for boys...but we all know there are many more options for boys with Tennis shoes! For girls, it's a bit harder and I think Superga fills that void very nicely.

Another great feature...the velcro straps! I HATE tying shoes, it's just not easy when you have a wiggle worm of a toddler. These are perfect for that. All the shoes range between $40-$55, available HERE

The Mary Jane is a personal favorite of mine

And for the boys...

These would be darling on a toddler boy!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Guilty Pleasure: The Fabulous Beekman Boys

Is anyone else watching this show? My husband and I recently discovered it, and it has turned into one of our favorites. (it airs Wednesdays at 9PM on planet green)

Brent and Josh are NYC transplants who purchased the farm in 2006 and have spent over 2 years meticulously refurbishing Beekman farm, mansion and grounds and have turned it into a real working farm. It is hard to believe the farm has been around since 1802, they did the most fantastic job restoring it to its original charm.

The dynamic of these guys is absolutely hilarious. As you can imagine, taking 2 city dwellers and throwing them into farm life is quite a sight to see. They have thrown their heart and soul into this, and it is fun to follow them on their journey.

Have any of you tried their products? The goat's milk soap and cheese seem to be some of their most popular items!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Poppy's closet is easily becoming one of my favorite online shops. They have quite an eye over there, finding some of the most unique kids clothes and accessories around. They have just added Littl by Lilit to their shop. OMG...it's absolutely adorable! I can't compare it to anything else, you just have to see for yourself...

I want to own a shirt like this

under a skirt...these leggings are perfection!

How about this soft jersey jacket paired with this voile scarf?! 


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