Thursday, April 29, 2010

The perfect package

image via Gilded Bee's Etsy Shop

I am not the type of girl that just throws a gift into a bag with some tissue paper. I think my mom was the one who always inspired me to truly "wrap" a gift. My mom is the queen of beautiful packages, in fact, she has a whole closet full of goodies to make a package look pretty! When I saw this gorgeous site, I immediately thought of her.

image via Gilded Bee's Etsy Shop

Anything from the Gilded Bee's Etsy shop would make a gift unique. From her paper butterflies to her gift tags, they are all hand-made and most definitely one of a kind! 

Stunning Paper Butterflies...

Sophisticated gift tags...

And the perfect paper flowers...

and even the twine to wrap around the package is pretty!

With all of this, you might make a gift so beautiful it won't want to be opened!

I am NOT a boy...

Give your newborn girl a stylish entrance into the world with these darling hats by Tweetlebug Boutique. These hats just like they give you at the hospital, are given a dash of fabulousness with bows, and flowers made of the same fabric. How cute would these make your babies first hospital pics?

Choose from any of these styles for $11.99

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beauty from Belgium

Sebastian, Shane my brother, Dad in Cologne Germany

My Dad and Brother just took a "guys trip" to Europe. Yes, this trip did not include my mom or myself (do you feel bad for us? I do!) but rather racing cars, soccer and beer. But my brother was nice enough to think of his little sister and pick up a great souvenir.

They were stuck in Europe 3 extra days because of the Volcano. If this had not happened, they would never have gone to Brussels and found me this AAAAAMAZING scarf! It is huge, and a very thin cotton voile. Big enough to wear wrapped around my waist as a sarong and thin enough to roll up and wear around my neck. I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you Shaner, you did GOOD!

Monday, April 26, 2010

If I had a million dollars...

not a million really, but just about $1400 I would be snagging one of these FAB bags by Chloe

I mean, every mom needs a hands free cross body bag, right?!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Man of Style

OK, it's been a while since we have talked about Men on this blog. Especially really good looking men with great style. Meet Dhani Jones.

For those of you who don't know him, he is a linebacker for the Cincinatti Bengals and happens to be the host of a very entertaining show on the Travel Channel called Dhani Tackles The Globe. On the show, Dhani embarks on a global sports odyssey, in which he takes on new sporting challenges and learns how sports define a culture. He is an incredible athlete, and it is quite a sight to see him play sports like Jai Alai, Rugby, Rowing and Cycling. The show also features him off the field, immersing himself with the people and culture of each country.

It is hard to look past the good looks and physique...but truly, Mr.Jones is quite a renaissance man. He is a philanthropist, artist (plays classical music and does photography), community volunteer and he also has his own line of bow ties. He is also HILARIOUS. We crack up all the time on the show, this guy has a really good sense of humor. Are you drooling yet? The picture of him below is taken in Australia. Yes, he wore speedos...

It's a show that you AND your husband will enjoy...The Travel Channel-Mondays 11 PM E/P

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Miami Glam...

I am not quite sure how I made it home yesterday. was a whirlwind, fun, exciting, amazing weekend in Miami for my friend Jill's wedding. After 3 nights of not going to bed before 1AM, I have to say I am a bit exhausted.

Jill could not have looked more beautiful. She was PERFECTION!

Sharing a moment with her mom, Donna.

And the turned out great! I loved that everyone wore their own dress, it looked so clean, yet interesting. I wish I could do it all over again and let my bridesmaids do the same thing.

all 7 of us

my best friends, Jayme, Em, Kami (all of our dresses were from J.Crew)

my BF Emily, who many agree could be my sister. It's a good shot of my new favorite Nars Schiap lipstick. Hot pink, very fun.

The wedding was PHENOMENAL. Jill is 6 months pregnant, so she planned this wedding in just 3 months. Her good friend is the event coordinator at the Biltmore in Coral Gables, and let me tell you they did the most amazing work I have seen for a wedding. The Biltmore itself is just an unbelievable backdrop for a wedding. And even though it rained (the ceremony was supposed to be outside), They quickly accommodated the situation and moved everything inside...including the cocktail hour! It turned out perfect though!

The place card table-the sculpture was made out of paper! loved it! The place cards were set in the grass...

The florist was Kathryn Parrish of Parrish Designs London. OMG...literally the most creative, innovative and gorgeous flowers I have seen at a wedding. She built an arch that Jill and Brian were married under and then the cake was placed under afterwards. They had small crystal bulbs that held candles, and flowers lined the branches above. Unreal.

tall centerpieces...aren't the branches amazing?

The insanely happy couple, cutting their cake while singing "Afternoon Delight". It was hilarious and so them. LOVE YOU BRIAN AND JILL! CONGRATS!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Adding to my reading list...

Happy Friday everyone! I am packed and ready to go, just have to get the toddler down for a nap and then it's go time! I will be back middle of next week. Until then, I want to leave you with another blog to add to your reading list. My darling babysitter, Sally recommended this site to me and it is FABULOUS! Katie Armour-The neo-traditionalist writes about everything from art to fashion, to travel and home decor. Her taste level is through the roof. You will love it all!

author, Katie Armour and her cutie dog Lord Alfred Tennyson

Her Etsy site is great too...lots of wonderful little vintage finds.  Great for bookshelves or to add to your coffee table. For one of a kind finds, her prices are very reasonable!

I am seriously coveting this swan dish...Swana was my grandmother's would be a perfect keepsake in memory of her

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

an eclectic mix

I am busy organizing and packing for my many things to remember to bring! One thing that is great about being in a wedding, is that you don't really have to decide what to wear. Well, in our case it was a little different (but in a GOOD way!).

Jill decided she wanted us all to wear the same color, but we could all choose our own dress, accessories, etc. At first it was a little nerve wracking. Would I find the right dress? Would it all look good together?  I am not going to spoil the surprise, for those of you who will be attending Jill's wedding. But I will give you some photos of her inspiration...I really do love the look of not so matchy-matchy bridesmaids. It's also much easier to please each girl. In the end, everyone is happy.

adorable, and I am loving the girls hair on the far right! so pretty! (image from

having different shades of the same color is a nice touch (image here)

not my style, but very cheerful and pretty shades of pastel (image here)

pretty color combos (image here)

I love the mixing of different colors too! (image here)

I can't wait to see how it all turns to come next week!

I can't sleep...

and you want to know why? Because in 2 days, I am going here...

and will be spending a lot of time here...

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY... we will be celebrating a union of 2 amazing people. I could not be more excited for my beautiful friend Jill...

who is marrying this man...

the love of her life!

The icing on the cake?! Being able to spend time with these GIRLLLLLSSSSSS!

picture ca. 2001

The last time we were all in Miami together was for MY bachelorette...5 years ago!

en route to the Delano

at amazing restaurant/club-Grass

It will without a doubt be an amazing weekend!!!! It might be a bit like girls gone wild (minus the flashing of course) 2 of us will be husband/kid free,  2 of the girls have 8 week old babies (and have left them in good care at home) and with that being said, place us all in a phenomenal spot like Miami...HELLOOOO!!!!!!

I am sure I will have some great stories and pics to post next week!


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