Monday, January 31, 2011

Tiny Keeper

My new job has me running around Kansas City meeting with shop owners and retailers that I will be writing about on my Shopping Blog. I would love to invest in a small leather business card holder for my handbag to keep everything organized and in one place. I am finding that these cards are taking up quite a bit of space in my wallet! Here are a few that I think would fit quite  nicely in my handbag...

this is more like a wallet, but I LOOOVE it $300 by Gucci

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring...I have my eye on you...

We just booked our warm weather vacation for March! Halleluja, I can't wait to get out of here! Julian is at the PERFECT age, to where we might actually enjoy a vacation. I hope to spend many hours building sand castles, going on long walks and playing in the pool. And of course, I must dress the part as stylish mom playing with her child at the pool, right? Here is some of my inspiration...

I am SO loving all things striped this season, and this bikini is adorable...

and so is this!

and a cute coverup is essential...

I could use some updated basics...

obsessed with this Kain Label Tank...

For cool evenings, how adorable is this Patterson Kincaid sweater?

I have a striped maxi dress from last season, and I wore it out! This would be a great replacement...

I Topshop

Cute with white jeans and an afternoon shopping...


And for date night...

are you longing for spring too? It was 50 degrees in Kansas today, it was such a teaser!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Boden for your Bump

My friend Annie just informed me that Boden now has Maternity! Hurray for all of you pregos out there, finally another option to choose from! And it is really quite cute. What do you think?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Super(model) Mom: Meet Erica

I am so thrilled to be featuring Erica (one of my blog idols) from Moth Design, Little Moth and Luxe Life. Her blogs are just jam packed full of beautiful inspiration...everything from home decor, to fashion and kids room decor.

 I am not sure how she manages to tend to 3 blogs, but she really does! And on top of that she is a single mom to 5 boys...YES, 5 BOYS!  Aged 17, 13, 15, 10 and 2 1/2.

 Between tending to her Hockey Team (heee hee, just kidding, Erica) and also going through an entire home renovation (which has been a 3 year process) She has kept herself VERY, very busy. Erica is also a trained interior designer and has been in the industry for over 10 years. She also comes to us from Canada, and I love hearing about some of her resources that we don't have here in the states.

I was excited to read her answers, and you will love them...she is such a classy lady and I have to hand it to her. She has raised these gorgeous boys and doesn't look a day over 20. Thanks Erica for participating and giving us a sneak peek into what inspires you...

1. What's your "uniform" or go-to outfit?
My daily go-to outfit consists of J Crew signature black leggings + top and what ever foot wear is in season. It's just easy and comfortable.
2. Who's closet would you raid if you had the chance?
If I had the chance to raid someone's closet it would definitely be the set closet for gossip girl (does that count??) That would be a dream come true.
3. What inspires you?
Inspiration is a funny thing, and of course I find inspiration in my kids (I'm supposed to say that right?) But, if I were to explain where creative inspiration comes from I'd say it lies in the every day mundane. A beautiful button on a shirt, packaging, the shades and hues found in nature, etc...
4. What would you like to splurge on this spring?
I would LOVE to splurge on some Brian Atwood pumps.
5. Worst fashion mistake?
That's one of a personal nature... cutting my hair short. Awful! Two words: Frizz Bomb. Oh.. and overalls in the 90's.

6. How has becoming a mom affected your fashion choices?
Being a mom meant accepting that I can't wear heels everyday. I've caved in the last few years and bought a generous selection of flats to compensate for the sting of giving up heels. I also got in the habit of always wearing off white Ts when I had newer babies to hide the 'spit-up crust shoulder'. Happy to say I can wear black again. 

7. What are your favorite beauty items?
Nars 'Penny Lane' blush, Bobby Brown shadows, mascara and lip gloss/balm. 

8. What item in your closet do you love the most?
Maybe not the answer you were looking for, but I'd have to say the feature wall. It trumps any delight procured by clothing.
9. What are your favorite budget items?
I'm always impressed with Joe, a line carried at Real Canadian Super Store.
10. What favorite item did you splurge on for your kids?
Favourite kids splurge would definitely be my smallest son's burberry coat and uggs. He can be wearing PJs underneath but he looks polished on top.

Thanks for having me Melanie! xo

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The clog of my dreams...

My good friend Heather was visiting from Minnesota this weekend and I fell in love with a pair of clogs that she was wearing. I have been eyeing clogs since last season, but never found the perfect pair.

She paid $20 for these N.Y.L.A. Calvina Clogs at a boutique in Minneapolis. The best price I could find online was $36 on Overstock, but DSW had the most sizes available in the cognac color for $44 ($110 original price).

They look AMAZING with jeans, and they make your legs look like they go on forever.  I think they are the perfect combo of simple and stylish, don't you?

Friday, January 21, 2011

And the winner is...

For the $100 gift card giveaway goes to Michelle #53 and she commented... my BFF Miss Mollie knows... TB Shoes- any of them! I'm already a follower and love what blog each day!

mmhefley (at) gmail (dot) com

Congrats Michelle, I hope you get the Tory Burch shoes you wanted! Thanks everyone for playing, this was a FABULOUS giveaway!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Silver and Gold

When I was buying jewelry and accessories for Mark Shale, I always admired Anna Beck's selection. I loved the simplicity of her designs and how she combines both silver and gold. I am someone who wears both, so I found this to be the perfect marriage of the 2 metals. I also just found out all of her pieces are handmade on the island of Bali. How amazing would that be to work in paradise????

You can imagine my surprise when I opened a box from my husband and it was an Anna Beck cross! I had never mentioned the designer to him, he just happened upon the line at our Halls Department Store. It is so sweet and pretty and I wear it everyday paired with some of my other gold chains.

I hope to add to my Anna Beck collection, these are some styles that have caught my eye...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I will be picking the winner of the Shopbop $100 gift card in 2 DAYS!

just think, you could get some new jeans, handbag or amazing sandals for Spring!!!!!

click HERE and comment to enter...

good luck :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Super(model) Mom: Meet Emily

I always wanted a sister, and I am sure I bothered my Mom about this incessantly. I always wanted someone to play with, do girly things with and share every detail of my life with. Even though Emily and I are not related by blood, she is as close as one could come to being a sister.

Emily is one of the funniest people I know. She has this crazy sense of humor that totally cracks me up. I always tell her that she should be a cast member on Saturday Night Live, she would be PERFECT. On top of that she is brilliant. She worked in Finance for almost 10 years and has an MBA. And don't hate her, she is also gorgeous. She is a Kristen Bell look alike!

Em was my partner in crime in Chicago. She was up for anything and everything. She lifted me up when I was down, made me laugh constantly, and always listened without judging. I am so blessed to have such a dear and wonderful friend!

Em and sweet Charlie (11 months)

Emily and her husband now live in Indianapolis with their 2 boys Harrison and Charlie. I have to hand it to Em, because she is truly a super mom. Her husband travels a lot, so she is full-time parent for 3-5 days a  week. She never complains and she is such a wonderful mom to her boys!

Here is a peek into Em's personal style and what inspires her...

What is your daily "uniform"?
Most days I'm in leggings or skinny jeans with a cardigan of some sort. My kids are still at the age where I spend a lot of time playing with them on the floor, so I need something comfy but somewhat stylish. It also must be machine washable since I'm quite prone to spit up and other bodily fluids these days.

 Who inspires you the most as far as fashion goes?

My number one go-to fashion consultant has always been Scout herself, Melanie! My husband and I both go to her all the time for fashion advice. She even helped my husband pick out an entire outfit for me for Christmas. Nice work, Mel!

What item would you like to splurge on for Spring 2011?

Honestly, Santa was good to me this year so there aren't a ton of things I can't live without at this moment. My family just spent 2 weeks in Mexico over the holidays and it was amazing in so many ways. I would love to splurge on another warm weather family vacation this spring. Hmmmm....I'm thinking somewhere in the Caribbean? I just need to find someone who will fly with my children on a separate plane.

 What is your favorite item in your closet that you will never part with?

I'd have to say it's a small Fendi handbag I got shortly after college. It was my first "real" purse. I loved that thing and I'm pretty sure I thought I was hot stuff carrying it. I even have the matching wallet which made me feel even cooler. It has taken a beating but I still bust it out from time to time.

 What is your favorite budget item?

I am addicted to Blistex Silk & Shine. I've tried a million different chap sticks and this one is the best. It's got SPF 15 and it feels super good on your lips. I've never actually had silk on my lips but I'm pretty sure this is what it would feel like. It also has a little shine to it so I can wear it with or without lipstick.

 What is your favorite item you have splurged on for your boys?

Probably our Bugaboo Chameleon stroller. It has been worth every penny. I would highly recommend it to anyone living in a big city. We use it slightly less now that we are in the burbs, but I still love it. I also recently splurged and got our oldest son the Northface Perrito winter coat. We spend a lot of time playing in the snow and my younger son can wear it in a few years. Definitely worth the money.

If you could raid one celebrity closet, whose would it be?

I'm sure someone else has said this before, but it would have to be Jennifer Aniston. She always looks sophisticated and put together, whether she's dressed casually or on the red carpet. I also wouldn't mind having her hair and body too :)

 What was your worst fashion mistake?

I would have to say my worst mistake was the summer when I decided to lighten my hair at home rather than at a salon. My hair was basically white by the end of the summer. I don't think I'll ever attempt to color my hair at home again.

I had to add this picture, this was us all in the summer of 1999 in Chicago. Notice we ALL decided to use Sun-in to lighten our hair. YIKES!!!!

 What beauty items do you use on a regular basis and love?

I really try to take care of my skin since I'm a sun worshiper and since I did some damage when I was younger. For my body I use Vaseline Intensive Rescue with chamomile. It's not greasy, smells good, and
isn't very expensive. For my face, I pay up a bit a use Dior Hydra Life pro youth comfort cream.

Any fashion resolutions for 2011?

 My resolution is to stop buying cheap clothes. I have found some really great things at Forever 21, Target and Old Navy, but I've also realized that if I spend a little more for better quality clothes, they last much longer and look much better. I also end up buying things I don't need just because they are inexpensive.

Thanks Em for letting us get a peek into what inspires you and your favorite go-to items! And remember, I love anonymous submissions email me at if you think there is a Mom that would be perfect for this feature on Scout!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Almost as good as ruby slippers...

When my parents were in town over the New Year, my Dad offered to take Julian to get a new pair of shoes. Mind you, the poor kid was just coming down with Bronchitis, but we had been cooped up all day, so we thought, why not take him to Nordstrom! (poor kid, he was probably so miserable...)

My Dad has a thing for tennis shoes, so I let him pick them out. Ironically he picked out the EXACT pair I had my eye on weeks earlier. We even let Julian decide and he picked the same ones too! So, here is what we got...

sorry for the bad I phone photo, but I couldn't find them online. These are the Saucony Jazz in my favorite shade of Kelly Green. Aren't they so cute?

Here is my sweet (but sick at the time) boy SO pumped about his new sneakers. When he wears them he has a little extra bounce in his step and he never wants to take them off. Wherever we go he likes to tell people about them....

I wonder if this is the start of a shoe obsession?

available in Nordstrom kids Shoes $35

My top 3

Claire really can do no wrong in my book. That dress was spectacular, wish I had a photo of the back...STUNNING!
AHHHH...Anne. Rachel does you good, she really does. Way to go Mrs.Zoe, this is perfection.

It doesn't get much better than this.

What did you all think? I was kind of dissapointed in Natalie Portman, and not quite sure what to think of Lea Michelle's Oscar number....

overall though, loved seeing all the glamour go down the red carpet. I can't wait for the Oscars!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Artwork to inspire...

When designing a room, something as simple as a piece of artwork can inspire your entire theme. I have always been obsessed with Orange and Pink, so when I saw this piece of Art on Serena and Lily, it got me thinking about what I would do if I could decorate a little girls room...



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