Thursday, October 28, 2010

Over the top

I finally found a shopping website where the boys clothes actually stack up nicely to the girls selection. was featured as one of InStyle's favorite children's sites. I have to agree, it is nothing short of fabulous.

Their selection of designer kids wear is out of this world. Everything from Mini Marc Jacobs to D&G Junior, Gaultier Junior and Paul Smith. Here are a few faves from the Boys 2-3T selection...

D&G Junior

Hackett Vest

Paul Smith striped cardigan

Gaultier Junior Striped knit

D&G Junior gloves

Oh and when I went to the girls tab, this is one of the first items that came up

I can't even get started on the girl stuff...way too much cuteness to choose from!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's in the bag...

I have seen a few very stylish ladies sporting this bag around Kansas City. It's simple and chic, and a fabulous cary-all. It's canvas with leather trim and the monogram is embossed in metallic gold block letters. I don't think the pictures do it justice, it looks much better in person. Now to decide, what color?!!!!

I think this color leather is my fave!

and you know what would fit perfectly into this bag? The La Plates monogram wallet (as seen in Lonny!)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pattern + Color

I had read about Oilo's Baby Line probably a year ago, and I had bookmarked their site. I was flipping through old bookmarks today and was glad to re-discover them! It is such a pretty line filled with fabulous pattern and sophisticated colors.

I also love that it is sort of gender neutral, so you can play with the colors a bit and add a touch of pink or a touch of blue where needed. This Wheels Motif crib collection caught my eye right away. I am really on a navy kick right now, it's such a clean color and looks great mixed with a kelly green, yellow or turquoise. 

If you didn't do the striped lighting fixture, you could totally stripe one wall. I love the idea of mixing stripes with the abstract print in the bumper.

all of the crib sets are $399 and include the bumper, sheet and skirt. Swatch cards are also available for $5

and don't get me started on the lighting, I am obsessed with these striped lamps!!!!

They also come in solids as well...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rub a dub dub

Sophie lovers UNITE! She is now equipped for the bathtub, complete with an inner tube and the ability to squirt. Is this just not adorable? We often used Sophie in the bath, but this solves the problem of ruining the squeaker and getting water inside of her. 

 I always love to give a new mom all the bath accessories as a shower gift and I think Bathing Sophie would fit in perfectly with some of my other bath time favorites...

The First Years tub was awesome. It has a side for infants and a side for them to sit up once they are able to.  $18.99 on Amazon

We tried many different bubble baths, but this is far and away our favorite. It smells SOOOO good! We use the bedtime lotion as well.

We have had these Munchkin cups in our bath since Julian was a baby and he still loves them! They have holes to sift the water through, and they stack. We even bring them to the pool! Seriously, hours of fun with these...$5.99 on Amazon

and we can't forget a hooded towel! These are the best, aren't they? I am loving this personalized whale towel by tiny Sunshine on Etsy $25

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I am adding to my reading list...

I love being able to share with you my newest favorite reads. I am always looking for new inspiration and these 3 ladies sure are bringing it on a daily basis. So without further ado...

She is a stylist, an excellent "thrifter", a mom and boy does this girl have style. Oh and killer hair on top of that. In fact, she shares some "how to's" with her cute hair styles. Most recently she did a "faux bob" tucked under a hat. Love the idea! Her ensembles get my creative juices flowing, I just wish I had the patience to thrift, I know it is well worth it! 

I just found this blog via Cassie, and I am so glad I did! Megan is a mother of a little boy, and has just moved into a new home. She shares her projects along the way and other great ideas. Her home is gorgeous. I DIE for this closet...

and the kitchen....

and this bookshelf idea is awesome!

I just found Tyson and Sydney's fabulous blog via Merci Blah Blah. Let me just tell you, this blog is full of adorable cuteness all around. They are a married couple, documenting their lives through photos. Tyson takes her cute is that? Her style is right up my alley, in fact I am already coveting a few of her items. Like this striped skirt...YES PLEASE!

(H&M in case you were wondering)

If anyone has any "must follow" blogs, please send them my way! I am always looking for new reads.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I can't even tell you how much I love Etsy's suggested shops tab, I keep finding the BEST stuff. spinthread is the newest addition to my favorite shops.

Each piece is a one of a kind, hand embroidered treasure. I am crazy over her use of color and unique patterns. The look of the line is a bit more eclectic than what I would normally like in jewelry, but for some reason I am completely drawn to it. Only downside, it can take up to 7 weeks to get your order. But, I think these would definitely be worth the wait!

Head on over to spinthread to check out her entire collection

A chic retreat

Julian turned 2 and the thought of moving to a big boy room is kind of on my mind. We are about a year from doing this, but I can't help thinking about it and what I might do with the space. Thankfully Erica from Moth Design now has a blog dedicated to children's rooms called Little Moth. Oh and let me tell you, everything she posts is GORGEOUS! I love the unique feel of each space and the fact that they don't look  so juvenile. I would love to do something more sophisticated, a room he can grow with. She also posts some amazing nurseries as well, if you are looking for inspiration for a baby room.

Here are just a few pictures that she has posted...

Thank you Erica for all of your inspiration!


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