Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh how times have changed...

There was once a time when I packed my bags and flew to Miami for New Years Eve...or a time when I had to have the perfect outfit and the perfect shoes...or a ticket to the hottest party in Chicago. It's kind of nice to be at a point in my life when I can be completely satisfied with an evening at home, snuggled by the fire, with my two favorite boys and a great bottle of Champagne. My life was fun then, but it is even more fulfilling now. Cheers everyone! Can't wait to see what 2010 will bring!!!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BUH-BYE fall...smell ya later...

I have made it quite clear how much I really disliked Fall 2009 Fashion...I am NOT sad to see it go. Parting will not be sweet sorrow. I bid you farewell without a tear in my eye...

Bring on spring, baby! I cannot WAIT! Bring on fresh shades of sand, ocean blues and bright tangerine. Show me some pretty whites and soft prints to get me through the steamy summer nights...

can you sense my excitement? Here are some items that are getting my motor running...

Nobody does color and Pattern like Trina Turk!

Band of Outsiders makes navy and white hip...

courtesy of

Hermes does a beautiful nude...

photo courtesy of

I adore this Pattern Mixing from Milly...

photo courtesy of

Monday, December 28, 2009

Put away your computer and bust out a writing utensil...

I am hoping that Santa brought you all what you wanted (or needed) this Christmas. At this age it's really hard to say that we "need" anything right? We kind of just buy stuff as we need it...but come holiday time it is inevitable that friends and family are generous and kind in the gift department. So, you know what that means? Thank you note time!

Since I was small I have always hand written thank you notes for any gift I receive. As I got older, I realized how important these little notes really were. When someone goes out of their way to buy you something nice...throw a a shower...have you over for is common courtesy to send your regards and just say thank you.

Unfortunately, with the advances in technology, the hand written note has gone by the wayside. I truly almost fell over in my chair when I got a thank you note from my 21 year old babysitter who had borrowed a dress from me for a special occasion. I know it sounds silly, but I was so impressed! She took the time out of her busy college schedule to write a beautiful, thoughtful note and to top it all off, it was on gorgeous monogrammed stationary.

So, whether or not you have the time...set a few minutes aside this year to send thank you's to the ones you love. They truly will appreciate the thought. And if you need some paper inspiration, here are some of my favorites!

For the sophisticate...

For the Prepster...

For The Traditional...

 And if you happen to live in Kansas City, my go-to is RSVP in the Village (Prairie Village). The owner, Abby, has impeccable taste and the most gorgeous selection of stationary and invites in the city!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Feeling Chirpy...

Despite the foot of snow that is accumulating outside and despite the fact that we have practically 6 months to summer, I am kind of in the mood for spring. I mean, Target already has their resort swim wear out! Like I needed a reminder that swimsuit season is around the corner....ughhhhh, why did I eat so much of that Peppermint Bark?!!!!  Anyhow, I digress...

So, for Christmas my in-laws gifted me another place setting to my Juliska everyday dishes (White Berry and Thread pattern). We have a very nice Simon Pearce set, but it is a bit masculine. In fact, my husband had them before we met. I decided it was time to start a new setting that was a bit more feminine and something that we could use everyday. I have always loved Juliska glass, and I was overjoyed when they came out with their ceramic dishes a few years ago. They are SO durable...chip resistant, microwave, dishwasher safe, etc. Here is what it looks like...

I decided that since we are close to having enough to actually serve people on, it would be nice to get some fresh table linens. Something to make the table look a bit more soft. Well, I could not have been more delighted to stumble upon these fabulous Bird placemats from Dwell...they were JUST what I was picturing...

And to continue with the bird theme...I found these on Z.Gallerie...

but let me tell you they really got me when I saw this on Dwell's website....AHHHHHH...the bird obsession continues...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear Diary,

I don't know about all of you, but I had a diary most of my life. I think it may have started in 5th grade and I believe I wrote all the way until the end of college. I am kind of afraid (and embarrassed) to go back and read them. I  may have to give it a few more years...not sure if I am ready to relive 7th grade drama or High school insecurities, but I am sure I would get a few good laughs about it all.

Most of all,what I do love about a Diary is how therapeutic it is. A diary doesn't judge, a diary doesn't give a rebuttal, and most of all, it doesn't have the ability to share your deepest thoughts and feelings. So, I am going to make it a resolution to start a diary again for 2010.

This evening at the hair salon, I was reading the most recent issue of Vogue (it's great by the way!) with Rachel McAdams on the cover. In the issue, it talks about how she is keeping a diary, using Keel's Simple Diary. I had never heard of it! It was intriguing!

I rushed home to google it and this is what I found. It's a diary using multiple choice questions, Fill-in-the blank and open ended questions. It totally removes the fear of writing on a blank page. It gets your mind going and then leaves space to write what you want...if you so choose. I love the concept and I think it is a way to open yourself up without even meaning to!

I can't wait to get I just have to choose which color I am going to buy (I am leaning towards orange!)

A toy your son AND husband will love!

I come from a family of car lovers. My brother and my dad are huge Formula 1 fans and I happened to also marry into a family that has a great appreciation for cars. So, it came to no surprise that our sons first word was "car". We celebrated Christmas a few weeks early with my parents and brother, and I have to say, the gift that my brother gave Julian was nothing short of awesome.

It's a car...but it is not just any car, this is probably the coolest toy car I have ever seen. The brand is Automoblox. Patrick Calello, an industrial design major at Carnegie Mellon university had a project where he had to come up with a product for the do-it-yourself wooden hobby industry. His idea was to  create a car that inspired creativity in kids by visualizing and creating a car of their own design. He also believed that they should be a modern design crafted out wood. With a vision starting in 1992, Calello finally reached his goal in 2004 when Automoblox were available for retail in the US, UK and Japan.

You can purchase a car of your choice, but once you get one you can totally change up the look of the car, because all of the parts are interchangable. They also have a "parts" department where you can purchase different wheels for your car. Each car also has their own serial number, so you can register your car online. It's a toy, but it really appeals to an adult car enthusiast as well!

The quality is amazing, and I believe the designs speak for themselves. My son is only 15 months, and it is by far his favorite car right now. They are a good size, so it's easy for him to push around on our floors. And even though the parts do come off on occasion, there is really no choking hazard as the parts are big. They run anywhere from $10 for the mini version and $45 for the big guys. I am a HUGE fan now, and can't wait to get Julian another one!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I want to thank...

Kelly, my dear friend over at The Party Dress for giving me a BEST BLOG AWARD!!! How fun! I started this as an outlet for my creativity and a way to share with friends all of my favorite things. I  never thought that Scout would gain such a great following! Thank you for visiting and I always love to read your comments. So, without further ado...I am going to pay it forward and pass this award on to 10 of my favorite blogs! Here goes...

The party Dress (she was my inspiration to blog!)
A non-desparate Housewife
The Huntress Lives
Merci Blah Blah
Little Green Notebook
Pink Wallpaper
My Favorite and My Best
The Glamourai
Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle
Old soul, New Heart

I enjoy reading what these girls have to say each and every day, you should check them out!

online shopping just got better...

A friend introduced me to this store, and I have been waiting for several months now for their online store to finally be active. Finally Le Cirque Des Enfants-out of Menlo Park, CA has their website up and running. Oh and it was WELL worth the wait!

You can tell that each item is picked with care. Their selection is special and unique, compared to other children's online sites. They have everything from room decor to clothing, heirloom gifts and even paper goods. I have had such a good time browsing through all of their fabulous things. Here are just a few of my favorites...

isn't this bird chandelier outstanding?  It is truly a one of a kind piece, and would be a stunning addition to any nursery. Start saving now, this one costs a pretty penny at $1600.00

I was so thrilled to see this artwork on their site, we have a couple of them in our son Julian's room. This is Ava the tigress. She is TOO cute with that bow!

and here is another...

This baby bracelet has an inscription written by J.M.Barrie (who wrote Peter Pan! Remember Finding Neverland?) It says "Just think lovely thoughts and they lift you up in the air" $125

They have the most fabulous selection of shoes from baby on up to toddler sizes...check out these darling metallic leopard print Mary Janes. Ahhh, could you die?! $46

You really cannot beat Petit Bateau when it comes to onesies for your baby. They are made of super soft cotton and they have beautiful images and french sayings on them. Our son lived in them his first 6 months...Just a note, they do run small, so size up!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Do yourself a favor...

and go to Wal-Mart ( I know, it's a SCARY, Scary place....) need to make the trip to pick up one of these cutie fleece jackets. It is made of the super soft fleece similar to the ones at North Face and they come in chocolate brown, navy, pink, grey, aqua blue. They are $5...for God's sake, it's as much as a latte these days!!!! Pretty cute, right?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Charming and Pretty just about sums it up...

When I was on one of my favorite blogs (Coco + Kelly), I stumbled across the most darling accessories websites I have seen in a LONG time. Let me introduce to you, Old Soul, New Heart.

The designers Tamara and She are a mother and daughter duo that know just exactly how to take ruffles, bows and a little bit of sparkle and combine them into the perfect accessories. When I went to their bio, I knew they were girls after my own heart. Tamara taught her daughter Shea that, "accessories never make you look fat" SO TRUE! You may go up and down in sizes, but your jewelry case will be with you forever!

If you are in need of just a little sparkle for a holiday party, or something fun for new years, look no further! I love everything on their site, but these are just a few of my favorites...oh and designer/owner Shea is the model. Isn't she darling? I fell in love with her red lipstick and emailed them. They responded right away, it is NARS Jungle Red (just in case you wanted to know too!)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A diamond in the rough...

As I have talked about before, I am a frequent Target shopper. I am there probably once a week. Stocking up on baby stuff, paper towels, and other products that add up to $80 before you know it! I always do a run-through the ladies department, but as of late I have not found anything good. UNTIL last week. 

Tucked in the corner in the Juniors section was the most darling skirt. It is the palest pink you have ever seen...almost as light as a ballet slipper. It has a black elastic band and layers of small ruffles. Best part, this skirt is $16.99. To my dismay there were none left in my size...only XL's. Well, let me tell you I was DETERMINED to get this skirt. So, after multiple trips (in one week) just to see if one would show up, FINALLY my size was there! I promptly whisked it away and threw it in my cart! The skirt was mine!

I tried to find a link to it on Target's sight, but it is not available! You will have to check your local Target store. Sorry!

When I got it home and tried it on it made me even more happy! The fit is great and it hit right above the knee( a very flattering length) The color is great for spring with an open toe shoe, and for winter it will look fabulous with black opaque tights and my favorite bow shoes or slouchy boots. This is going to be my Holiday outfit, and I can't wait to wear it. Here is how I am going to accessorize it!

Suede platforms with grosgrain ribbon: Poetic License (2 years longer available but there are some other great styles HERE)
Pale Pink Snakeskin Escada Bag (sorry...another old piece that is no longer available! It was the first gift from my husband 8 years ago)

Vintage Steuben Glass Strawberry Pendant
Forever 21 Laser Cut Earrings-something similar HERE

The top has not been decided yet, but, I will most likely be pairing it with this great Theory Short Sleeve Turtleneck top...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Green with Envy...

O.k. Ms Wearstler, you have sealed the deal. You are my #1 girl crush. Her recent spread in Town & Country's January 2010 issue is absolutely beautiful.

I became familiar with Kelly Wearstler after she was a host on Bravo's top Design show. I had never heard of her...despite her amazing design work and many accolades. When I saw her I was like who is this stunning woman, with beautiful cat-like eyes, a tiny bit of attitude and insane style? She always had on these crazy hats, even crazier hair and un-believable outfits (in a good way!). From there I started to see her pop up everywhere. She has been mentioned in almost every fashion magazine as well as interior design publications.

Kelly is known for " re-instating the Hollywood Regency style of decor, and is known for her bold use of color, texture and pattern", as mentioned in the Town & Country article. I personally love how she doesn't ever stay within the "box". She is never safe and she is setting the trends for the future. I myself would like to be more bold like she is...I guess that will be a good New Years resolution! She is a mother of 2 boys and is married to the owner of the Viceroy Hotel chain, Brad Korzen. Kelly also did the interiors for the Viceroy can only imagine how chic they are...

Kelly just came out with a fabulous new book called "HUE"...apropriately named, since she is so amazing with color in her design work! I wouldn't mind this in my stocking, Santa.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I heart Home Goods

My dear friend Amy of "The Huntress Lives" and my other friend Jennifer have both mentioned to me that I NEEDED to go to Home Goods. If you don't know what Home Goods is, it is Marshall's home store that is FULL of fabulous home stuff...anything from decorative, to kitchen stuff, rugs, bathroom accessories, you name it! Both of these girls have amazing taste, so I finally decided to head their advice and check it out.

My mom and I went and when I walked in it was just about as exciting as an H&M shopping trip. They had so many great things and the prices were unreal. They had these amazing Chinese Pedestal stools (that I have been dying to get) for $30 a piece! I decided to hold off on them until I know exactly where I would put them, but I did make a few other great purchases that I would love to share!

I had gone there with a plan to find some accessories for my coffee table. I found this adorable ceramic Fu Dog for $13

This great little sparkly Christmas tree for my Demilune...$7

and lastly I was looking for a tray for my bathroom and some pretty little things to put cotton balls and q-tips in. I found this tray in the Kitchen section for $10, the pretty cup was $5 and the little jewelry box that I now use for cotton balls was $4!!! The pretty white bud vase was from Crate and Barrell for $7

I can't wait to go back and see what I can find on my next trip!


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