Friday, March 30, 2012

Things to look forward to...

4 weeks people...the countdown has begun! We have only one month until we will meet our baby girl. It's hard to believe that this bump will be gone and we can meet the sweetpea who has been giving the kicks and crazy somersaults over the past 9 months.

Besides the obvious excitement of meeting our little lady, there are some other things to look forward to, like a cocktail of course! Since the weather has warmed up, I have been craving Margaritas. This picture has my mouth watering...

And there are no guarantees, but I am hoping my dedication to the Bar Method will help me get my body back in a rather timely fashion. Last time I was pregnant it took forever (having a fall baby and holidays didn't help too much...) I definitely think being post-prego in the summer will give me motivation! I am hoping to fit into a cute pair of colored denim...

Love this shade of Green from Joe's

And something lacy and feminine is high on my list. This Joie top looks amazing with white jean shorts, But I can pretty much guarantee I will not be sporting these this Summer. White Jeans will have to do :)

and dare I dream...but is a bikini in my future? I have never worn a one piece! I know there are so many cute styles, but I am so used to my 2 pieces...

This one from Antrhopologie is kind of adorable...

Here's to one last month of leggings, and full panel maternity pants!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Comfort + Style

Tory Burch has hit the nail on the head with comfy, flat sandals this spring. Love all of these...

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest
The Aine $225

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Showered in Pink

This past weekend my girlfriends threw me the most precious, extremely girly "sprinkle". They also incorporated a ballet theme complete with a tutu table skirt, a Candy "Barre" packed with "Nutrcracker Sweets" and a Onesie bunting with screen printed ballerinas. It was perfection!

onesie bunting for each month by Donna at Fabulous Fetes

The gorgeous hostesses, Rachel and Susan

Me and My sweet Mom

A huge thank you to Rachel and Susan and my family and friends that made the day so special!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bump Style: More of Me Maternity

It's always hard to find stylish maternity wear that will stand the test of time. More of Me Maternity is fairly new on the scene and it's adorable!

To see the full review of the line, see my post on Project Nursery HERE.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bargain Hunting...

Who doesn't love a good bargain? Here are some of my most recent budget-friendly finds under $25

Thanks to my friend Mollie for the reccomendation on this Boots night cream. I really love it! Especially after my Clarisonic, this moisturizer makes my skin feel soft as a baby's skin and keeps it moisturized through the night $20 at Target

Forever 21 has some incredible jewelry right now. If you are looking for neons, bracelets, and feathers they have it all! This pyramid bracelet will set you back $10.80

I always like to stock up on basics for spring. I couldn't believe that these tees were $4.80...yes, under $5. That is less than the medium iced soy latte I get at Latte Land. They have a bunch of colors to choose from. And best part is, even at almost 9 months pregnant, these are long enough to cover my bump!

only a few more weeks and I can start buying non-maternity! How cute is this polka dot ruffled tank from Old Navy? I am trying to do a basic print other than stripes this spring and I think Polka Dots will be just the thing...


Every season I seem to find the perfect pair of non-rubber sandals from Old Navy. These t-straps come in a handful of fun, bright colors and are only $19.94

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Find Your Fashion...

This Wednesday Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth at the Legends Outlets is hosting an exclusive shopping event to kick off this years Duck Derby! The Duck Derby has moved to Schlitterbahn water park, and it will be a fun way to welcome the derby to the Legends neighborhood.

From 5-8PM, you will have the opportunity to shop for yourself while giving back to the Children's TLC community. 5% of the proceeds from the evening will go to the Duck Derby, and you also have the first chance to buy ducks for the Derby. Shoppers who spend $250 or more will also get 2 complimentary passes to Schlitterbahn for the Summer 2012 season.

Wednesday is also the kickoff to "Find your Fashion" and the chance to win one of 3 incredible prize packages. I am so thrilled to be a part of one of the these amazing shopping sprees! The second place winner will get a $500 gift card and a consultation with me as well as 2 hours of personal shopping with yours truly. I am so excited to help the lucky winner put together an amazing spring wardrobe! There are 3 easy ways to enter...

I will be at the Saks event on Wednesday night, I hope to see some of you there!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let The Madness Begin...

Today is the day! The NCAA Men's Basketball tournament begins. Our family gets kind of crazy about the whole thing; with a bracket challenge which gets VERY competitive. I actually won last year! Here's hoping to good luck this year as well!

I did a fun news segment this week showing how to dress with "Team Spirit" without looking like you stepped out of the college bookstore. Kansas City is a huge basketball town, with 3 REALLY good teams going to the tournament this year. I styled looks for KU, Mizzou and K-State using school colors as my inspiration. Who says you can't cheer on your team and look good while doing it?

KU Girls:
On Victoria
James Perse Blouse $80 Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth
Paige Denim $119 Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth
Cole Haan Cross Body Bag $139 Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth
Scarf $69.99 Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth
Shoes by Lucky Brand from Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth

On Lucy
Tank $39 from Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth
Joe's Cigarette Skinny Jeans $99 Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth
Michael Kors Cross Body Bag $128 Saks Fifth AVenue Off Fifth
Shoes $109 and Jewelry from Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth

MU Girls:
On Sarah
Black Shirtdress $69.99 from Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth
Big Buddha Clutch $39 Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth
Shoes and Jewelry from Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth

On Margo
Gold Tank $44.99 Banana Republic Factory Store
Eyelet Shorts $44.99 Banana Republic Factory Store
Gap Outlet Wedge Sandals $49.99
 Cole Haan Cross Body Bag $164 from Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth

K-State Girls:
On Ashlen
Joe's Jeans $99.99
Blouse $47 Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth
Rebecca Minkoff Cross Body Bag $209 Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth
Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth Shoes $139

On Theresa
Stripe Tank $19.99 from Gap Outlet
Grey Knit Vest $39.99 from Gap Outlet
Belt from Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth
J.Brand Purple Jeans $100 from Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth
LAMB Shoe $199  from Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth
Big Buddha Clutch $49.99 from Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth

All of the looks were pulled from the Legends Outlets Kansas City

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My new best friend...

When I am pregnant, my interest in clothing kind of goes by the wayside. Shopping just makes me depressed. How fun is it to shop normal stores when nothing will fit right? But you better believe I have a wish list going for the minute I have this baby!

So, until then, I am replacing my passion for fashion with a new products! We all need something that makes us feel good. So instead of a new dress or shirt, I am investing in new lotions and potions and stuff that is making my skin feel amazing.

meet my new bestie...the Clarisonic...

This invention is genius, and is something I should have gotten years ago. I had always heard such great things, but I had a hard time spending $150 on something to clean my face! Well, now there is a compact Clarisonic that gives you the same results as the full size Clarisonic for a fraction of the price.

It's called the Mia and it retails for $119. It does not have 2 speeds or a timer like the Mia 2, BUT it will deliver the same cleansing results in just 60 seconds.  I love that it is compact, which makes it easy for travel. It also comes in some cute colors to choose from!

Once you try it, you will be a believer too! I have already turned a few friends on to it and they are addicted. Honestly, I have never felt my skin feel this silky smooth.

available at

Monday, March 12, 2012

The LWJ...

This weekend I met some girlfriends for dinner...ironically we all showed up wearing a white blazer! Seriously, what are the odds? Each of ours was a little had a boyfriend style, one was shorter and more fitted and I had on one with black pinstripes.

Mine is probably 6 or 7 years old from Benetton. I have definitely gotten my moneys worth, and I love how versatile it is. You can throw it on over a dress, a blouse or even a t-shirt.  I am thinking it's time to invest in a new one, as you can imagine, white doesn't hold up that great over time. There are so many cute options in a variety of price points...

Will you be wearing a LWJ this Spring?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Darling Boutique

One of my favorite bloggers, Design Darling has opened up her own online shop! Of course, it's just as darling and well-edited as you would imagine. Each item is so girly and adorable...from her home decor to her gifts and jewelry. A few of my faves...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Super (model) Mom: Meet Andrea

I am so excited to be featuring Andrea on the blog today! She is a mother of 2 (and 1 on the way!) who designs a gorgeous line of children's clothing and accessories called A La Modish. Every piece she makes just oozes cuteness!  Here is a little bit about Andrea and what inspires her...

Grew up:  Texas and Oklahoma
Living:  Lexington, KY for the last 13 years
Family:  Husband--Jeff (married 7 years), Son--Gavin (6), Daughter--Sabrina (almost 4), Daughter--"E." (due this April!)
Graduated:  University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing in 2001
Started sewing:  When my daughter was 6 months old.  Realized that I always wanted to change patterns around to suit my taste and eventually A La Modish was founded!
Passions:  Yard-saling in old neighborhoods, reading fiction books, designing pretty things, watching The Amazing Race, random acts of kindness, and my weekly date night with The Mister.

1.) What is your "uniform" or your daily go-to items? 
MAC Viva Glam VI lip gloss is a staple!  I have recently ventured into the realm of liquid eyeliner and am loving it!

2.) Whose style inspires you the most? 
The icons of the 1950's, like Ms. Hepburn, definitely inspire my personal style a great deal.  I get really excited when I come across a pair of super fabulous screw-back vintage earrings.

3.) If you could raid one celeb closet, whose would it be?
Probably Angelina's.  I like how she pulls of vintage styles with ease and wears them with such confidence.  Remember that emerald green gown with the shoulder pads? Love!

4.) if money were no object, what would you like to splurge on at this moment? 
 A super-couture handbag.  Like a really big one with fancy hardware and zippers that slide as smooth as silk.

5.) What is one item in your closet that you will never part with? 
My first pair of expensive heels.  I bought them for myself when I landed the job that I'd been working so hard to get.

6.) What are your favorite "budget" items? 
I definitely frequent Target for my kids' basics like turtlenecks and tees.  I absolutely love HomeGoods for picking up cool, affordable accessories for my home.

7.) What are your top 3 beauty items you couldn't live without? 
My eyebrow pencil.  My nail file.  Dental floss (Does that count as beauty?)

8.) What do you most love to splurge on for your kids? 
I admit it.  What I don't spend on myself for shoes anymore, I spend on my daughter.  She's got some NICE shoes that she only wears a few times before she outgrows them.

9.) What trend do you most look forward to for Spring 2012? 
As I am a vintage-lover at heart, I tend to stay away from trends and stick with classics.  But for THIS coming spring, I'll just be excited to get out of maternity clothes :)

10) What are your top 3 favorite style blogs to read? 
 Well, Scout-a mom's guide to stylish living is certainly at the top!  Thank you for combing the world over for good fashion so we don't have to!

Thank you Andrea! I am excited to NOT be wearing maternity clothes soon too!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Because nobody should have a unibrow...

Most men don't like to take care of their eye-brow husband included. He has great brows, but they tend to grow together in the middle giving that not-so-hot unibrow look. I have tried plucking them for him, but you would think I was putting him through torture. He has tried shaving them himself, which leaves them very uneven. Overall, it's just not a pretty picture.

That was until I discovered Bliss Spa's Poetic Waxing Strips for the Face ($25)They come with 10 double sided waxing strips that are so easy to use it's not even funny. You warm the strip between your hands for about 30 seconds, pull the strip apart and place onto the area to be waxed. You then massage it onto the skin for a few seconds and then you pull it off to remove the hair!

Surprisingly my husband liked this process the best. I also was able to remove more hair in a shorter amount of time and he didn't seem as irritated as when I pluck them. The strips are pretty thin, so they are pretty much fool proof.

 They also make body strips ($36) would be great for in-between waxing appointments and you could easily pack and take them with you. Both come with a vial of azulene oil for post waxing to apply to the waxed area.

Both are available at Beauty Brands stores or

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dressing The Bump: Week 31

I am a little behind on the bump shots! I am now almost 33 weeks, so this was taken a few weeks ago. My lovely friend Rachel loaned me this adorable Ali Ro dress from A Pea In The Pod (similar style HERE). I love all the pattern and colors and it was so comfortable too! I wore this to my fantastic friend Susan's 40th birthday party. Love you Susan!


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