Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wrapped up, in love...

I have mentioned Lauren Alexandra, the beautiful baby store here in KC that I often frequent and work at occasionally. Well, this past fall they carried the MOST  unique scarves...I decided that I may want to treat myself to one after the holidays and was so bummed to see that they had sold out! I did a little research online and finally found them. First off they are beautiful, but I never knew the touching story behind the scarves. Grab a tissue... this is under their "inspiration" part of their site

So, with a wonderful talent of creating beautiful scarves, and the memory of her father as her inspiration, Donni Charm was born. They are spectacular...so unique, I just love them!

You can choose from the Donni Forever...a continuous Jersey scarf with a charm $85. Or the Donni Together for $85, which is a two cotton jersey scarf made of complementary colors. I really think they are both stunning...


My mother and I have always loved working on various fashion projects together. Earlier this year we decided to try our hands at scarves, it never occurred to us that the scarves we had created would grow into so much more.

I gave my best friend, Dana, the first scarf we had made. From the moment we both put them on, the compliments didn’t stop coming. I realized that we had really created something unique, and our fashion accoutrement had taken on a whol
Our goals are motivated by the true meaning behind donni charmscarves – remaining unique and sophisticated, but always with a dash of fun, as my father Donny lived every day of his l



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