Thursday, January 28, 2010

I is for...Instant Gratification!

How many times have you read about something on a blog, and you just knew you needed it. Wanted it. Had to have it? Well, I am now part of a project that can help you fulfill that need almost instantly!

You may have heard of it, it is called the OpenSky Project . A few of my other favorite bloggers (Project Nursery, The Party Dress, Pure Style Home) are a part of the team, and I am so thrilled to be one of their newest Shopkeepers!

I am working with Open Sky to develop my own “shop” filled with all of the items that I love and adore and they will now be available to YOU with just one click. I am so excited, because already, we have some of my FAVORITE items. Remember the Blind Mice socks I mentioned…they are now in my shop just ready for you to purchase.

I am working hard to source out some great products to bring to you, and I hope that you will stop by often to see my latest additions.

Happy Shopping!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats to you! That is such exciting news-- and another great way to purchase without leaving my chair! haha!



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