Tuesday, January 19, 2010

E is for...Everest!

One thing that I haven't talked about yet on my blog is FOOD! It's a subject that I truly enjoy talking about, and a "hobby" if you can call it that...

When my husband and I lived in Chicago, we were afforded the opportunity to try so many wonderful restaurants. Chicago may not have as MANY places to eat as say, NYC, but let me tell you, some of the best meals we have had were right there in the windy city. On the very tip top of my list (of anywhere I have been) would have to be Everest.

City View

Dining Room

This highly acclaimed Relais &Chateau Restaurant is Located on the 40th Floor of the Chicago stock exchange, Chef J.Joho delivers exquisite French cuisine in an immaculate dining room that is reminiscent of a different era. My in-laws brought us the first time, and the second time was for my 29th Birthday with my parents. My dad still jokes that he is to this day "paying off the bill". Sorry Dad...but it IS one of the best meals I have ever had. That's worth it, right?

Although some may call it "stuffy", I find it elegant and charming and something different than the typical hot spot or modern dining experience. It is one that I promise you, you will never forget. From the beautiful presentation of each course, to the phenomenal wine list to the romantic view of the city. The bill is steep, BUT, it is truly a one of a kind meal.

Now I am going to go eat my Turkey Burger (sigh....)


  1. Everest is where Brad and I got engaged!!! Right after he popped the question he ordered a tequila shot, at a French restaurant!!! LOL

  2. Come on up anytime The Huntress and I will take you out!

  3. When I ate there it was like I was at a retirement home!
    The food was amazing-but we had to "dine" early because we were catching a show or something.
    You know how those seniors like to eat early!
    Good for the digestion--plus they can't see at night when they drive.



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