Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Easy Access...

I am laughing to myself as I write this title. It looks so bad, but really, that's kind of what this post is about! A friend of mine wanted yours truly to find some cute clothes that would be good for nursing. She's a working mom, and she sometimes brings her baby to work. She desperately wants cute, casual but appropriate clothing that has "easy access" to nurse her baby!

She really put me to the test, this was not an easy job. It seems as though a few brands have sort of monopolized the Nursing Wear market. But, I did come across some cute things, as well as some options that aren't "nursing" per say but would work in that situation. So, if you currently are a  "Mom's Diner", open 24 hours and need some clothes to go along with that job, here are some of my picks...

First off, can I just say that I hate when they use prego models for nursing wear? For real, when you are nursing, you aren't pregnant anymore! It's so bizarre...anyways...

1 in the oven was a FABULOUS site with so many cute things Maternity, Nursing, you have it. I found all of these items on this site and their prices were great too!

I really liked this nursing dress because it was casual, but had a bit of detail to make it interesting

Not sure if you knew it, but Michael Stars makes Maternity. It runs slim and could be a great top right after the baby and for nursing.

Surplice necklines (like the ones below) allow you to nurse without removing your top...

If you are over maternity and just want normal clothes in a surplice neckline, this one by Velvet is great...

or this gorgeous Vince sweater would work too!


  1. Thank you! I will take one of each...those are not your "run of the mill" nursing tops which make me barf a little bit. So thank you from the bottom of my...well...nursing bra.

  2. I LOVE 1 in the oven had so much of their stuff when I was preggers!!!



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