Friday, January 22, 2010

Scarlett's "Tu-Tu" Sweet 2nd Birthday!

A Scout reader came to me with a challenge. To come up with a "theme" for her daughter's 2nd Birthday. She is a working mom, with 3 little ones (her littlest is only a few months). I wanted to give her something easy, cost-efficient and something that would tie in with her daughter's Feb 10th (close to Valentine's day) Birthday! My theme for her is a "Tu-Tu" Sweet Birthday! A mix of tulle, a candy bar, and lots of pink and red!

If you are somewhat computer savvy, there are many vendors on Etsy that make printable invites. You can save yourself a ton of money this way!

I think that a candy table is the new "centerpiece". It has a little something for everyone, and it can be the focus of your party. How darling is this red and pink bonanza?

image courtesy of

If you don't want to do the boards behind the table, you could just simply hang a cute banner...

I really do love cupcake toppers, I would use these party dress toppers to tie in with the "tu-tu" theme...

And of course, the party girl needs her very OWN Tu-Tu!

$35.99 for the whole outfit!

AND...the icing on the cake? The perfect hair accessory...

and a shameless plug...


  1. Tu-tu cute! What is better than a 2yr old in a tutu? I cannot think of anything!

  2. Oh, this is perfect! Can't wait to get shopping, only without all the time-consuming looking! Shameless plug? Pshaw! Like we'd use anything else...

  3. Adorable! I found you through a comment on Slim Paley and am glad I did - I will definitely be back! great post!



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