Tuesday, January 26, 2010

H is for...those freaking AMAZING Hermes enamel bangles.

Yeah, I have been coveting one of these bad boys for a LONG time.  Every year when we are in Naples, we go into the beautiful Hermes store there. They have them stacked in their windows like little pieces of candy good enough to eat. One thing I also love about them is that you don't see them on everyone...not as rare as say a Birkin Bag, but you don't see them on every wrist in town. Every year they come out with some new styles and colors, and they range in size too, which make them pretty to stack. That is if you can afford to stack them...geesh, I just would like 1!!! They start at around $450!

image courtesy of jewelrysnob.com

image courtesy of agoramagazine.it

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