Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm adding to my reading list!

It's always so nice to come across some new blogs that are refreshingly different and interesting to read every day. I have 3 new blogs that I have added to my reading list, and I think you all might enjoy them too...

Meet Sarah at She is a darling mother to 1 son and #2 on the way. She doesn't have a genre, she just writes about whatever is on her mind at the moment...whether it be hairstyles, the perfect jeans, or things she is currently "in love with". She is very witty and a joy to read.

Meet "Slim Paley", I found her through another great blog...Habitually Chic. She is an anonymous writer who from what I can gather is a mom, a movie lover, photographer, decorator?, and someone with an amazing eye and impeccable taste. She lives in Santa Barbara, but has a home in Sun Valley (the pic above is from her Sun Valley home)! She is smart and creative and I kind of love that she is anonymous...leaves a little to the imagination, you know?!

Meet "Keeping up with Stella". Stella's mom, Marla, does an amazing job at finding great things for children and mom's! Her daughter Stella inspires posts about Tea Parties, room decor, toddler clothes and other great girly finds! She has also done quite a bit of research and has found many fabulous Etsy items. As you know, that is not an easy thing! You will adore her style and cute picks for your children.

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