Thursday, January 14, 2010


I texted my friend Emily to tell her the great news this afternoon and she responded with "Target rocks my world". I could not agree more seems like everytime I go I find some delightful new surprise. It started years ago with Proenza Schouler and it just KEEPS getting better...

I couldn't believe it when I rounded the corner in the Infant section (by the blankets and socks) and on an end-cap they had a whole section of what they are calling "Trumpette Too". They have 3 packs for $8! Everything from the "Johnnies" tennis shoe style to the classic Mary-Janes. They also had tights and the cutest Jelly Shoes for girls and the classic patent leather loafers.

We got Julian polka dots, which came in Light blue, royal blue and kelly green. A great combo!

Trying to photograph our son, is like trying to capture an animal on safari. Here is my best shot...

sporting his kelly green polka dots...

He was so tired from running around, he decided to take a nap on our Dog Sasha's bed...

pretty funny, right?!


  1. I wish I could nap on Sasha's bed--and wear those socks!!

  2. Yay Target! My son (20 months) had the Johnnie's tennis shoes as a baby...we have one on the way now...can't wait to check out Target's selection!

  3. He is so cute Mel! I am dying laughing!

  4. I'm with Emily. The Julian pic in Sasha's bed is too much!



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