Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's pretty much like Frette for your baby...

You will have to bear with me, it seems as though everyone I know is pregnant right now. This means there has been a lot of talk about Nurseries, Showers, gifts, etc. So, even though I personally am not prego, I do kind of have babies on the brain.

Today I came across a phenomenal line of crib bedding, it is so sophisticated and beautiful it's almost a shame that it will get spit up on and soiled by a baby. I know...sad, but true...I am just stating the facts! The line is designed by Lulu DK and crafted by Matouk. If you are not familiar, Lulu DK Matouk, they are exceptional linens for the home, comprised of ridiculous thread counts and beautiful patterns and colors. They have been around since 2007, but the Nursery line is brand new. Maybe you can be one of the first to  add these beautiful linens to your nursery!

If you love simple pattern, with beautiful colors you would love these...and I totally adore the Jonathan Adler accents on the solid wall!


Tiger Lilly

If you are expecting a boy, these are phenomenal...

Willow and Minnow


And if you like a touch of whimsical, this animal print is darling...


And if you love clean white, this is simple but beautiful...

Baby Marlin


  1. LOVE that salmon-y wall color.
    Eww..I just said "salmon-y".

  2. Beautiful! I too know everyone in the universe is preggers. 2010 Spring is all girls too-- love the Confetti.

  3. Those are so refreshing! I've been waiting to see something different for a while...



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