Friday, January 29, 2010

J is for....JEANS!

I really have a love/hate relationship with Denim. When you find a pair that fit PERFECT, it's like love at first sight! BUT, there is nothing worse than trying on 20 pairs to find that glorious pair of made-for-you jeans.

I was even a denim buyer for a few years, you would think that I have the inside scoop on the best jean. Really, when it comes down to it jeans are kind of like makeup. Everyone looks so different in them, it really depends on your body type. With that being said, I do have some tried and true favorites. And, as a buyer there were certain pairs that stood the test of time, and generally appealed to many women. Here are just a few that I personally love!

They call this the "booty fit". It is made to fit a girl with curves (which most women have) and they actually are smaller in the waist and a bit higher in the back. I have these in multiple colors and they now even make a straight leg in this style. They are probably my favorite jean. 7" Rise and around $180


This is by far my favorite skinny jean. They are 8" in the rise, which isn't SUPER low and over the years they haven't stretched out so much that I am constantly pulling them up. Around $150 on


If you like a good, clean boot cut jean, this is the one for you. 8" in the rise and they always have an amazing range of washes to choose from. They don't have too much "whiskering" which can make you look bigger in the thigh or butt. Around $150 on


Ok, now don't laugh. The picture looks terrible (they aren't that faded on the front!), but these are honestly the  most amazing denim legging. Amy from The Huntress Lives turned me on to them and they are SPECTACULAR. They look like a true jean, with 5 pocket styling and everything, but they are a legging! Best part, they are $34!!!!! ON HUE.COM


I do not own these, but they are next on my list to try. For those of you SICK AND TIRED of low rise jeans, but don't want a "mom" jean, apparently these are the one to get. They have a 9" rise (hurray!) and Paige has a great selection of washes and their fit is tried and true. $190 on

What is your favorite jean?


  1. Loving my Serfontaine maternity jeans. Hands down the most comfortable jeans I've owned - they feel like sweatpants on. Bonus for maternity jeans, I am not tugging at them all the time to pull 'em up. Can't wait to buy a non maternity pair.

  2. Hue jean leggings not kidding BEST invention of the 20th century!!!


  3. I was hoping you would put Paige's Hidden Hills on there - those are my absolute favorites! I have 4 pair, in every color they offer. They let me get down on the floor without showing my kids my butt crack all the time. LOVE them!

  4. and PS, the Kelly boot cut from COH is awesome in the maternity version, too.

  5. How do the Hue leggings run in terms of size?



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