Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm pining for...

We are leaving for Florida in a month, and I would love for my son and husband to have matching swim trunks by Vilebrequin. If you aren't familiar with them, I am warning you now...they are hefty on the pocket book, but they are possibly the cutest swim trunks you will ever find. The brand is out of St.Tropez, and they make the most unbelievable prints!

They are colorful, unique, and the quality is quite amazing. We first saw them when we traveled to Tahiti and we saw all of these little boys and dads in matching trunks, with the signature big VILEBREQUIN tag across the back. We searched for them high and low in Tahiti, but they were INSANELY expensive, because of the euro.

We were so excited to find a Vilebrequin store in Naples, FL where we vacation every winter. The prices are still high ($200 plus for adult trunks), but somewhat justifiable, because they are not your typical swim trunks. Now that we have a son, and he's at the age where he can fit into their junior line we may just have to get him a pair for the summer....what do you think? Ridiculous to spend $110 on kids swim trunks!!!???


  1. Not crazy! I would get them in a second.

  2. You are the article uttering show my feelings, very let person into their environment, are optimistic about your talent, hope you have a better development!



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