Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is it Tooth Fairy time?

My nieces and nephews are starting to lose their teeth, and it is starting to bring back memories of losing teeth as a kid. I remember wiggling it constantly trying to get that thing out of there! Or tying string to it and having my dad pull it. Are you kidding me? Who does that? Apparently my family does...ha!!!

 I also remember my super cute tooth fair pillow that I would delightfully place under my pillow once that tooth decided to make it's departure from my mouth. I would wake up to a cool $5 bill waiting for me in the morning. Not too shabby for just losing a tooth!

If your kiddos are starting to lose teeth, you may want to check these items out...they are super cute and affordable too!

This might just be the most official tooth fairy kit that I have ever seen. It comes with an official letter press certificate documenting each tooth loss, a little sack to keep the teeth in and a bag to store the "transaction" for when the tooth fairy visits. It's absolutely darling...

 By Notion Farm on Fawn and Forest $16

or for your girlie girl...

For your little guy that wants nothing girly...

Simple, but sweet...

And this one is my favorite-it comes in other colors besides pink and can be personalized!


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