Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who will be #1?

Move over Olivia Palermo, Tinsley has a new reality show and it's GOOD. Is anyone else watching High Society? I totally got hooked, line and sinker with this one. I have always followed Tinsley Mortimer through fashion mags, but had never seen her interviewed or anything. I actually kind of like the girl. One thing for sure, the girl knows how to dress. I am kind of obsessed with her wardrobe. Also, she's kind of endearing.

 At least she shows some emotion, unlike Olivia (rival socialite) who always has a smug look on her face and is pretty much hated by everyone she seems to come in contact with. Tinsley and Olivia have been rival "socials" for a few years now, and there is apparently a socialite hierarchy that has them ranked #1 and #2...Tinsley taking the lead so far. If you want to read the juicy article about their feud, read HERE.

Tinsley Mortimer grew up in Virginia...maybe that's why she is so nice? I do feel bad for her, she's going through a very public divorce, which can't be easy. The show also includes her mom who is very upset about the whole thing. It's pretty funny, and if anything it makes for good drama.

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If anyone else is watching, I would love to know your thoughts on the show. Her sister Dabney's friend Jules is almost too much, I am totally appalled by her ignorant and obnoxious behavior . She deserved to have a drink thrown at her (too bad it missed...)

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