Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pretty Petals

It was the most gorgeous day here today, and I decided to walk with the little guy down to the plaza. While I was there I stopped  to visit my friend Jill at Scandia Down (fresh from her Honeymoon in Paris...and still glowing!)

Scandia Down has phenomenal linens for the home, but our Kansas City location also has the cutest kids section. Blah Blah dolls and clothes, Bunnies By The Bay and a recent addition are the sweetest cotton hats and headbands and lace leggings by Gigi's Apparel. They immediately caught my eye because the flowers on them are so pretty. I also liked that they were on soft cotton, instead of the crochet hats that you normally see.

I mean, could these be any sweeter?

$28 on Gigi's Apparel or visit Scandia Down on the plaza to see them in person!

and really loving these lace leggings for spring...$16

and how about this Swing coat/legging set for $45...absolutely adorable!

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