Friday, March 5, 2010

What happened to the $8 flip flop?

Remember when the Old Navy flip flop was the go-to for summer? A mere $5 to $8 and you could get every color in the world to match your summer wardrobe. Well, I think those days are gone. Now if you browse women's feet at the pool you are probably spotting designer flip flops. Yes, we are now paying $25 plus for these comfy rubber sandals. Crazy right? Maybe not...when it is something you will wear all season long. And, I have found that the better made sandals ARE more comfortable.

For me the designer flip flop obsession started with my Havaianas 5 years ago. They are by far the most comfortable...and at $24 not too expensive. They also do some of the best prints and color combos I have seen.

Then last summer it was the Tory Burch Flip Flop. In little ol' Kansas City, you could not get your size anywhere. Our Nordstrom was constantly sold out of them. We got my mother in law a pair for Mother's Day. She loved them!!! The rubber is a little bit heftier than Havianas and they run about $45.

And then they made the Patent flip flop, which I LOVE. Great for the pool and dressy enough to wear with your skinny jeans all summer long. $115

This summer, I think the must have will be the DVF flip flop. With a heavier sole and with the iconic love knot with stone detail, it's a stand out with any summer outfit. This sandal comes in Black, Gold or white for $78. The perfect, sophisticated flip flop for summer...


  1. Love them all, my sister-in-law was sporting the chanel flip-flop which I now want!!! lol (lots of luck)

  2. This was written for me! =) I think I owned every color in the Old Navy flip-flops 'way back when', but for the last few summers, I have had the Tory Burch ones!



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