Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Cool Kid

A friend of mine asked for some help in finding a gift for a baby boy. The mom is very hip, and loves new and fun things. This means nothing too preppy or sweet. This baby needs something unique and stylish. I found a few things that would make a great gift for the kid who will have the "cool" factor from birth.

These are the hippest of baby booties, and they are made by Robeez, which means they are good quality. Gwen Stefani's son has even been sporting them. Great for babies that aren't quite walking yet, but need something warmer than socks. $33.95

How funny are these pants? By Japanese Monkey, these pants are 100% Formaldehyde free cotton. Which is gentler next to baby skin. The smiley faces just crack me up! $22.50 a pair

Every cool kid needs a killer hat. These hats by Eli's lids are the best! It is a double layer hat with  a fold up brim that looks cute front, or tilted back to the side. Comes in Newborn-1year and 1-5 year sizes. $19.95 and MADE IN THE USA!

this baby can't wear just any old onesie. These by Speesees are made of Oranic cotton and they come in very cool color combos and unique silhouettes like the Kimono onesie and Jumper with pocket.


  1. My son has those Robeez boots and they were perfect for just starting to walk, plus they're super cute :)

  2. What cute finds! Sending to my sis-in-law who has a sweet 6 month old! :) xo



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