Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cheap and Chic

A few months ago I blogged about Forever 21's line, Love 21. Their more contemporary "modest" fit. But, I had never seen it in person. To my excitement, our Forever 21 just recently started carrying the line and I was so thrilled to be able to see the silhouettes and fabrics in person.  I was very giddy, it is really a VERY cute line. This may be going a bit far, but there were some pieces that were a touch Marc Jacobs and they had some excellent prints (which I am very picky about). The color palette was fresh and interesting and I am not lying when I say that I could have brought 20 some items to the fitting room. Unfortunately, I was with an antsy toddler that wanted to get out of his stroller. So, another trip, and hopefully some purchases later I will return back with some more feedback.

until then, here is some eye candy to entice you...although, the pictures don't quite do it justice! It's much better in person!

My personal Fave...Sequin Blazer $32.80. I would wear this with everything!!!

For some reason I can no longer find this on the site... you may be able to find it in stores...

 AND, for those in Kansas City, we are getting a huge brand new store on the Plaza. Many people are not excited about this "low end fashion" store coming to a high end outdoor mall like the Plaza. But, you know what? I am thrilled. At least it will bring people down to the area and cause some excitement (which the plaza is lacking these days). My husband joked and asked if I would tent outside to be the first customer in. Probably not...but I won't waste time getting there, I just don't want to fight the teenage crowd.

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  1. I am lusting over that sequined blazer myself!
    I will look like a preggers disco ball, and I don't care.



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