Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reading Rainbow...

Do you remember that show? It was on PBS right after Mr.Rogers. I am not sure if it was the catalyst to my love of reading, but I do know that it made me want to read MORE. I loved my childhood books so much that I have made my parents move these books 6 different times, 5 different states and over the course of 30 years. Thanks Mom and Dad! So, now that I have my own home (and a basement to store stuff in) I have all of these great books to share with my children someday.

We love reading to our son and have since he was born. We have started quite a collection for him that hopefully he will grow to love and cherish as he gets older. It's interesting to see what books our son likes, which ones he wants nothing to do with(Sandra Boynton books...). And there are definitely a few that are showing wear and tear because they are read almost every day.

Here is just a short list of some of the crowd favorites so far...

This was an early favorite. It has bold colors and pictures of baby faces. he still loves it and kisses the babies in the pictures! BABY BOO

This is by far Julian's favorite book. We also have the book "Dogs" by the same author. It has a bunch of touch and feel items, flaps to lift and tags to pull. It's been a hit since he was 5 months old.

This is such a cute counting book, with lots of fun images of ten little babies. There is a lot to look at, and Julian likes to point at them and ask questions like "What's that"?

I really love this color book. It has the most adorable pictures of babies dressed in all different colors. It's a very "pretty" book and a good way to teach colors.

This book was a gift from our friend Amy, and it has turned out to be one of Julian's favorite books. It has lots of colorful pictures and highlights different scenes from Chicago. They make this book for many of the major cities. 

if your child likes planes, trains, cars...this is the perfect book! The colors are amazing, and the illustrations are really very cool. We read this book almost every day!

We just discovered this book at the Library last week. It is a spectacular Alphabet book using all works of art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My son loved it, and I enjoyed seeing all of the different art they used to spell out the ABC's.

What are your favorite Children's books?

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  1. Hi! Just popped over from the Huntress, and just had to tell you Baby Boo was both my girls favorite book. I include it in any baby gift I buy! It was so nice to stop by! xo



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