Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The new "uniform"

I am over my yoga pants, and I am DEFINITELY over my terry cloth sweats. This summer I am going to have to come up with a new uniform for running around with my toddler. I am thinking something like this:

These linen fold over pants, which look so great I really wouldn't mind having every color  (Mollie...how do they fit?!)

With these tanks in about 6 colors...

With these shoes...

and TONS of great accessories like sheer scarves, big bracelets and some fabulous statement necklaces!

I really adore these dainty leather wrap bracelets by Gorjana

have been coveting this baby for a while

I would DIE. this necklace is spectacular.


  1. LOVE all of this! The pants, racerback tanks, shoes, jewelry-it's all so perfect. I would def sport this look as my new uniform!

  2. I just may have to copy this style! Looks so comfy, yet I wouldn't have the "I-rolled-out-of-bed-and-managed-to-get-my-kid-to-school-on-time" look. And I LOVE linen!

  3. I LOVE House of Harlow - Tom got me one of her necklaces for my bday last year and I'm dying for the black leather cocktail ring. Love that sunburst ring too, and uh, hello $480 necklace??? Would you like to live at my house? Yes, yes I think you would.

  4. I can't wait to see all of my Chicago Scout mommy fans showing up for lunch in this same look! ha ha. I love it Mel. Will be getting those pants and tanks with my new Tracy Anderson body too!

  5. yes, yes, yes, perfect running around easy breezy beautiful cover girl cool. great post!


  6. awesome choices. I've joined the decadence here and look forward to following and seeing more good stuff!

  7. you could rock those pants at story time, opm, the park, the plaza, the mwnw club, and your weekly trips to joann's and hobby lobby.
    oh, and our play dates.

  8. Oh wow...those linen pants are fab!!! I NEED THEM. Love the roll-down-no-diggin-in waistband!

    And ps...thanks so much for voting on my hubby's song :) You're a sweetheart!



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