Monday, March 29, 2010

Too cool for school

Meet Will. The coolest, most put together 4 year old I have ever met. I have become friends with Will's parents, and it is no surprise that at such a young age he would already have amazing personal style. This  is what he wore to a first Birthday party yesterday, I couldn't help but snap his picture and find out more about this cute little guy.

I got the scoop on Will, and I am pretty sure he is someone we need to watch out for in the future. Here are some of his answers to my questions:

1. What are your favorite things?  
"Building with legos, anything Star Wars and reading scary books".  Someday he would like to be a "Mechanical Artist", who according to Will is someone who designs things and then builds them) OR "A guy that gets to travel the world and eat crazy food". Both sound FUN...and who doesn't want to travel the world and eat crazy food?!

2. What is your favorite clothing item?
Will recently picked out his first item of clothing and it was a blue baseball cap from Gap. Good Job Will, nice to see you are heading to accessories first! You are a man after my own heart!

3. Anything interesting to say about fashion or your personal style?
"I know you have to wear clothing, because if you don't you will get arrested". Yes, Will, this is true. Glad to see that he is a sensible little guy.

Here are some details about his amazing little outfit:
Corduroy Blazer: Crazy 8
Tee Shirt: Crew Cuts
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Children's Place


  1. I suppose you'd think I'd be biased since he happens to be my first born's first born, but isn't he amazing? Thanks for the article. Loved it.

  2. Deidre! I'm not biased and I think he's awesome! I know boys too... I happen to have 5. What a cutie! This put a giant smile on my face thanks. xo Erica

  3. Oh My Goodness... I could die. What a cutie pie!! Totally Loving your blog. This post put a smile on my face for sure!


  4. i don't know what i love more-his outfit, or the interview.
    i want his autograph. (and his hand-me-downs).

  5. ha! too funny! He dresses better than my hubby! :)



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