Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I "heart" all of it!

The ladies over at Old Soul, New Heart just debuted their spring collection. Oooooooh, it is SO CUTE! Every little piece has wonderful detail, and you can just tell that so much thought is put into their collection. Their hair accessories would have to be my favorite. I have always been a sucker for headbands...

in the summer, I love to do a low bun...these would be perfect pinned in the back!

And if the Easter Bunny wants to slip these into my basket, I wouldn't object...


  1. Love the ric rac headband and the beautiful clips! Lovely accessories indeed!

  2. I am not much for headbands, but that Ric Rac one could make me a lover! That necklace too is amazing too!

  3. I found your blog through Heidi's over at Cherry Blossom's and I am sure glad I did. I love everything on this list!!!



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