Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh how I love a good stripe...

One of my favorite blogs, Dilly Dallas posted today about a spectacular kids/maternity line called Polarn O. Pyret. I have seen their stuff before, but never knew where to find it! How lucky are we that this Swedish line has decided to bring their cuteness to the U.S.!!!! They make some of the best striped baby stuff I have seen, not to mention wonderful prints that aren't your typical "kid print". They have a vintage feel, and their colors are really bright and cheerful. They are a great alternative to your typical Gap or Old Navy basics. Prices range between $18 and $40.

If you love stripes, you will love these...

Sleep Bag

Wrap Onesie

my personal favorite...LEGGINGS! They come in 3 colors, to mix and match with boy or girl items.

Stripe cotton cute is this?!

Stripe Bow top-also comes in pink!


and just a few other favorites:

solid eco hat with ear flaps...essential for newborns!

Girls Sweatshirt cardigan (the heart detail is great!)

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  1. you're killing me!!!!
    i am going to go broke before #2 even makes an appearance!



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