Monday, March 15, 2010


It's Monday...another gray day here in Kansas City. But, you know what? I am not bummed because I have a brand new wardrobe hanging in my closet. Oh yes, the clothing swap was a SUCCESS! Shannan and Amy hosted the most darling old school sleep over style party complete with the most tasty gourmet junk food (pics here), and the cutest decor and a wonderful night of swapping clothes and hanging out with the girls. I finally got to meet Jessie from this amazing style blog, and she is just as darling as she is in her daily style posts. 

Everyone drew a number, and that was the order we went in. So, when it was your turn you got to pick any 2 items. Of course everyone had their eyes on some of the same items. Like the vintage zodiac boots that I was trying to squeeze my toes into. But since I was #3, I missed them, and now miss  Gigi will be sporting them. No hate though, because I got this...

real rabbit fur cropped jacket...LOOOOVE, have always wanted one like this!

and here are my other favorite items I scored

I will channel my inner Zoe with this rabbit vest...

perfect for spring in Kansas City

you know how I love birds...

love the bright colors, and so cute over skinny jeans or leggings

SO cute, and very "Anthropologie" looking...

I love a nautical chain print...

I highly recommend a swap party with your girlfriends, we had such a great time. We are hoping to do it again...maybe even next season?!

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  1. Have thought about doing this very thing with my own may have just persuaded me...your new wardrobe looks great!



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