Thursday, October 1, 2009

A day full of new discoveries...

Thank you Smitten Design for your blog post today, you have opened up a whole new world to me! It's such wonderful news that I wanted to share it with my Scout readers...

Many of you are mourning the loss of the magazine was fabulous, right? Great design ideas, innovative style, items for the decorator on a budget. Ahhhh, so sad. Well, we can stop being sad because today a FABULOUS online magazine launched, it is called Lonny.

Created by photographer Patrick Cline and the woman behind Rubie Green textiles, Michelle Adams. It is an EXCITING and innovative online magazine filled with all the best in fashion, art and of course, decor. It is over 100 pages that you can easily flip through and zoom just with your mouse or arrow keys. Everything in the magazine is linked, so if you like a chair you see you can click on it and it will directly send you to the site. Amazing!!! In a time when paper publications are quickly dying, Lonny has looked ahead to the future and are giving readers what they want. Easy and accessible wherever you's sheer genius.

There were a lot of fabulous homes and decor featured, but I am going to leave that up to my Design/Decor blog friends to write about...But, I will share with you 2 of my favorite things that I found!

First are the stunning watercolors by NY artist Caitlin McGauley. She uses the city as  inspiration for her fun and whimsical works of art. Here are a few of my favorites...

Another wonderful discovery is clothing line, Doucette Duvall. This gorgeous, somewhat vintage looking line is made completely of pre-existing fabric and trim, they are produced in NYC and they use all recycled products to ship their goods. On top of that they also donate some proceeds of one "little green dress" per season to The Build it Green foundation. So, not only are they conscious of what is going on in the world, they are also giving it back in the form of fabulous (eco-friendly) fashion!!!

The Bette (The Little Green Dress for Fall 09)

The Fallon (this fabric is wonderful)

The Jordan (loving the cut of this!)

You can find Doucette Douval at one of these fine stores...

I can't wait to see what Lonny Magazine comes up with next!!!!



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