Monday, October 12, 2009

Bring on the SNOOD...

I can't EVEN believe I am thinking about scarves and's too soon! I just put away my sandals! Regardless, the reality is that Fall is here and it's cold. It's even snowing in Minnesota already. So, I am sure you are wondering, what in the world is a "snood"? It's an ingenious combination of a scarf & hood!

I used to walk to work in Chicago, about 20 minutes each way. I would freeze trying to keep my scarf wrapped tight enough and keep the hat on my head. I really wish I would have had a SNOOD to keep my head, neck and ears warm and cozy. Also, it eliminates having to have 2 different cold weather accessories!

There are a couple of versions that I have seen out there. One is like an "infinity" scarf that can wrap multiple times around your neck and then drape over your head. The other version is a hat with really long ties that you can wrap around your neck. I love both and can't wait to sport one this winter!


  1. they said we may get frost in Chicago this week, YIKES!!! What are your ideas for the baby boys this winter, ie coats, hats, gloves??? I waited to long last year and everything was sold out :)

  2. Thanks for featuring the Inky Wrappinghood! Have fun playing with the Color Visualization Tool



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