Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A little paper goes a long way...

I have a slight shopping problem when it comes to paper. I am one of those people with stacks of card-stock, note cards, stickers and wrapping paper stashed in my guest room closet. The great thing about my little stash is that I am always  prepared when it comes time to wrap a gift or make a card! I have to thank one of my favorite stores, Paper Source for providing me with GOBS of creative inspiration.

Paper Source is unbelievable. They have everything from greeting cards, to ribbon, custom invitations, toys and gifts and then EVERYTHING that you would need to create beautiful paper-goods yourself. Here are a few of my favorite items that will get you started on a card-making frenzy...

Paper Source has a lovely variety of printable note-cards in a variety of sizes and colors. They make it fool-proof by providing online print templates for every card they sell.

To make your envelopes more interesting, they have envelope liners that you can add just by gluing them to the inside of the envelope. They have a ton of great patterns to choose from to add some pattern to solid stationery.

I am obsessed with their flower making kits! You can add these to a card or even a package for a fun, whimsical touch.

I just discovered their labels (with online print templates) They are fabulous. You can add your guests address or use them for a return address. They are super easy to print and really add a personal touch to your stationery

I had to throw this in there, because it's a new addition to Paper Source and I love it! It's TAPE...yes, gorgeous printed tape. You can use it as "ribbon" around a plain package. It looks amazing and it's simple for those who don't love using real ribbon.

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  1. loooove paper!
    so looking forward to trying out your embossing tips!



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