Thursday, October 22, 2009

Procrastination makes "perfect"

Unfortunately I am kind of a "last minute" type of gal. So, it's not surprising that I waited until a week before Halloween to figure out what my 13 month old was going to wear as his costume.

I blame my mom (in a good way) for my dislike for store bought costumes. My mom always handmade our costumes, or threw something brilliant together with items in our own closet (or hers!).  This year I felt totally uninspired by everything I saw on the store racks. I am crafty, so  I decided that I was going to whip something up that would be cute and fun and creative for our little guy.

What I came up with as a DIY "love bug" costume. It was SO easy and super cute and I want to share it with you all in case you are in need of a last minute costume yourself. All craft products were purchased at good old Hobby Lobby...

I started with a basic white long sleeve tee from Target $6, some felt, pipecleaners and glitter glue.

I cut out a heart and created a bug ( hence the "love bug" name) using different colored felt. For the bug I used pipe cleaners for arms, rhinestones for eyes and used glitter glue to add detail to the body (a glue gun is the best thing to put all the bug parts together) I hand stitched both pieces on to the shirt

on the back of the shirt I used the thicker coated felt that actually had glitter within the felt. I cut out wings, added pipe cleaners for texture (with a glue gun) and then hand stitched the inner edge so that they would flap when on.

For the antennae I used my headband (that is coated with fabric, so it is softer), pipe cleaners and foam balls that I painted black. This was SUPER easy and light weight so that the antennae would stick up when on his head.

To make him look super cute we added striped baby leggings by Skidnees and his converse chuck's tennis shoes. The black leggings are in the girls department at Target $5

HERE is the finished product! You can tell he is REALLY thrilled about it (poor kid was NOT in the mood)


  1. i can't take it!!

    he is sooo cute! you did a great job mel!! i love that pic of him crying! it is priceless!!

  2. Awwwwwww, you're so creative! I totally went with store bought Pooh. Ah ha.

  3. Love the Skidnees!

    PS--crying pictures are so awesome, I always wish I had more of them--we have a million smiling-happy pictures, but crying pictures are truly priceless.



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