Sunday, October 18, 2009

Take the school uniform from boring to bright!

I am so excited to launch the new addition to my Mel-Belles hair bow line. We now have a new category called Bookworm-Belles! A line of coordinating stripes and solids to go back to your traditional school uniforms. I have three different bold stripes in Red, Yellow and Green that will go perfectly back to any Navy and multi plaid jumpers or skirts. If solids are your thing, I also have solid navy, but trimmed in the striped ribbon to add interest. My twin nieces are in Kindergarten and it's their first year wearing a uniform. They were GREAT models, don't you think?

$8 each or 2 for $14


  1. So darling Mel, wish I had a girl!!!

  2. mel, these are soooo cute!!!
    just think how cute jules and add will be when they go to school--heh heh.

  3. Oh my hell - that last photo is PRECIOUS. They are dolls.



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