Monday, October 12, 2009

Yup, time to bundle up...

O.K., so I am on a roll with "winter gear" right now. We just got our little man his winter coat and gloves and hat and even boots. I do LOVE little kids all bundled up like Ralphie in the Christmas Story. I put my son in the jogging stroller today and he could barely move he was so bundled. So, if you live in the midwest and need to keep your little guy warm this winter, here are some of my faves...

These are pretty much the best invention for babies...Ugg Boo Booties, have elastic lacing up the back that makes it SO easy to pull on (and they can't get them off!) We love them! on

This is the coat that we got Little J-it's sold out in a lot of places, but we did find it on Patagonia makes down that is super light, but SUPER warm.

If you want a more inexpensive option, this is cute too!!! I love that it has a removeable hood...

If you want the most fashionable puffer, Appaman is the way to go!

Here are some of my favorite hats, all from

This hat and glove set is by Smartwool (they make unbelievable wool products that don't itch!)



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