Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn

My friend Gina (amazing, talented and super stylish mom who is also a had a conversation the other night about shoes...we hate to sacrifice style by not wearing heels, but when you are toting around a 20 pound plus baby, heels just sometimes aren't an option. We were also discussing how we seem to buy "many" pairs of shoes per season, but then end up having to replace them after a season because they just weren't the best quality.

My problem is that I essentially ruined my feet after years of stuffing my feet into pointy toe shoes and heels that were too high and then I continued to ruin my feet when I did the same thing while pregnant  So, 2 foot procedures later has left me feeling like I need to give my piggy's a little T.L.C. I think this fall I am going to channel my inner Audrey and invest in some gorgeous, yet functional YET comfortable black flats.

I have been on the search, let me tell would think something like a black flat would be easy, but, no it really isn't. A lot of the flats are super embellished or they have a huge rose on the toe, or they are open toe. Geeeeeez...what is a girl to do?

I spent some time on the internet (because Kansas City is SERIOUSLY lacking in places to buy great shoes. I am sort of loving the Elizabeth and James ruffle, pointy toe....

Or these are pretty fantastic too...but in black...

I really love Arturo Chiang, and even though these have some embellishment, they are cute...

Now, these are the most classic and may just be my best option...


  1. This has been my problem for years! Since I am short, and rather 'stocky-ish' ballet flats don't work that well for me, so cowboy boots are my solution. Real ones are totally worth the money, and really comfortable!

  2. i think we should just forgo the flats! yup, let's show kansas city a thing or two, and channel victoria beckham.
    i am ordering a pair of YSL tribute heels asap.
    and i think you should get the cage booties. and then we will meet for lunch at Barney's after dropping the kids off at their French lessons.....sorry, my dreams overtake me sometimes.



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