Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eye Candy for your baby

Seriously, what would we do without Etsy? Pretty much everything you could possibly want, all hand-made and mostly reasonably priced. I love the idea of using different media to create a "mobile" for your babies room. Here are some fun and creative options for you...

I absolutely adore these mobiles made of paper and ribbon. They are a little piece of artwork for your baby's nursery. I personally love the Butterflies and the Birds...

Another fun and creative option is to use Tissue Paper Pom's in your baby or child's room. They instantly add a pop of color and interest to the space

If you love birds like I do, then you will adore this bird dreamcatcher as an alternative to a classic mobile


  1. I adore that bird mobile. So lovely!

  2. Love the pom poms!!! I think they would be cute in the marco's playroom in the basement (brighter things up a little)



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