Sunday, February 13, 2011

They're Baaaaaaack!

I hope you didn't give your wide leg jeans to the Salvation Army, because you better believe they are back and in full effect. I am kind of excited! Although I love my skinnies, I am ready for a new look and some new inspiration.

 I had a request from a Scout reader for some tops to pair back to all these 70's inspired bottoms we are seeing this season. So, here are my pics to pair back to your high waisted, dare I say bell bottoms???

jeans pictured $79.50 by The Gap

I love the idea of pairing these jeans with something very feminine and soft. I had visions of a beautiful patterned blouse, but couldn't find just the right thing online. So, as another option, something in the must-have neutral shades for spring. Blush, Ivory, Tan, and then pair it with some colorful statement jewelry...

Paisley Embroidered Top Forever 21 $19.80

I also LOVE stripes with a wide leg bottom. There is something so nautical and chic about this look...

and the perfect shoe to pair back to all of this? The must-have wedge heel that we are seeing EVERYWHERE this season...


  1. I'm so excited about the wide leg 70's thing that's back. It's exactly my style. Love it!


    November Grey

  2. The striped tops are exactly what I'm going to go are right, it's very fresh and nautical! I'm excited about the switch to wide leg from skinnies, too....I saw a dude in skinny cargos and I knew the trend needed a break :)

  3. Ok, how do you always find the best stuff from Forever 21?! That place scares me to death but I'm always tempted to give it another try because of all your great style posts... That striped shirt has my name written all over it :)and will go perfectly with my wide leg Citizen's jeans!! May have to order it today...

  4. I am excited for wide leg jeans as well!
    Love those wedges!

  5. I love that the wide legs are back. Just FYI about the ones from the Gap... they are LONG. Would have had to hem about 4" from bottom just to wear my tall wedges... everything else about them is awesome though.

  6. I'm kind of thrilled that wide legs are coming back...I'm so over skinny jeans! You found some great tops, love them all!



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