Monday, February 28, 2011

Super(model) Mom: Meet Susan

Susan was my very first friend in Kansas City. I was working at a high-end baby store at the time, and she happened to come in with her 2 boys. We started chatting; come to find out we had both just moved to K.C. (her from Seattle, me from Chicago). In just the few minutes that we spoke, I could tell there was something special about her. I mustered up the nerve to give her one of my personal calling cards and sure enough, she called!!!! We met for drinks, and the rest is history...

Susan is one of the most beautiful women I know...inside and out. She has a heart of gold, an infectious laugh, and the most positive attitude. You can't help but be lifted up every time you are around her.

Susan is the mother to 2 handsome boys, Luke and Willie and her beautiful daughter Eve. Susan is a Super Mom because she essentially is a full-time, 1 woman band. Her husband travels frequently and is currently working on his M.B.A. I give her so much credit, she somehow keeps her household running perfectly and all while doing it herself. I know she is counting down the days until her hubby graduates in May...only a few short months!!!

And a Happy (Belated) Birthday to you Susan, I hope it was a fabulous one. Love you!

Here is what inspires Susan....
What is your uniform?
1) My uniform would definitely have to be a pair of Gap "long & lean" jeans, or more recently this past winter, a pair of AG super-skinny jeggings. I usually pair these with a loose fitting blouse or cow neck sweater. Having had 4 kids in 7 years, I'm working my way back to the slimmer me, excited to do the more fitted, sweaters, tops and tanks!

Who inspires your style?
2) Who doesn't love Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren? I'd like to think there's some of these ladies in me somewhere - but really, I feel my style is mostly influenced by the women in my life - the gals closest to me which I share conversation and spend time with. It just seems inevitable that these close relationships should play out in my fashion sense....

If you could raid the closet of one celeb, who would it be?
3) The celebrity closet I would most like to raid is Jennifer Aniston. I find her style to be ideal - I love her classic clean lines and the casual freshness she always exudes. Also, I can't go without mentioning J Lo. Her style touches on ultra feminine and very chic!

What are your favorite beauty items?
4) My latest beauty item would have to be mascara, Mac's "Haute & Naughty Lash" (who comes up with these names??). It adds just the right amount of drama I'm looking for.

I'm also sooooo fortunate to have access to the most elite make-up artists in Kansas City!!

I'm also in love with my Stella and Dot sterling silver diamond hoop earrings - they're the perfect stand-in, and can go with just about anything. I'm always in search of really good skin care.

 Right now, I'm loving my Glo·Therapeutics Oil Free SPF40 Sunscreen, it literally disappears in less than minute of application.

What are your favorite budget items?
5) Favorite budget items would have to be anything from Forever 21 or Target!

If you could splurge on one item this season, what would it be?

6) I can only DREAM it would be a birthday surprise from my hubby this year - a Chole' Ethel medium sachel!...LOL....Its timeless and oh sooo pretty. (ok, wake me up now!)

Top three places to shop for your kids?
7) Top 3 places to shop for my little monkeys would be Target, Gap, and Gymboree.

Top three places to shop for yourself?
8) Top 3 places to shop for myself would have to be Anthroplogie, Nordstrom, and WHBM (White House / Black Market)

What item would you like to pass down to your daughter?
9) Hmmm, what would I pass down to my daughter? - that's a good one! Well, I currently don't own any vintage jewelry, furs or super keepsakes. So, keeping it real, I would say...really great morals and a love for God!

What is your biggest fashion mistake?10) I dare not share a photo on this one, but my biggest fashion mistake was my big ole' Chaka Khan permed hairdo from the 80's! Watch out! It may come back?!!!!


  1. The pic of her kiddos putting makeup on her is to freakin cute!! She should start a blog!! Would love to follow!

  2. YAY! love susan. :) her #9 was my fave. XOXO

  3. A classy lady that's beautiful inside and out!!

  4. love this lady...and i'm wondering if her makeup team is hiring?
    agree with jess-#9 is priceless.
    you're a great woman, susan!

  5. Love this blog! Susan is a beautiful woman and great mommy :) great article ...

  6. You described Susan to a "T"! And it's hard to find words appropriate enough for such a dynamic gal and dear friend. Aren't we lucky to have crossed paths with her? God does put people in your life at just the right time for all the right reasons.



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