Friday, February 25, 2011

Take me Chicago!!!

Kami, Jayme, Emily and myself in Miami

Me and Jill in Miami

Friends, I am off for the weekend! Heading back to Chicago for a little girls trip. All my closest friends now live in all corners of the U.S. and we try to see each other at least once a year. Last year it was Miami for Jill's wedding and this year it will be Chicago where my friends Jayme and Kami still live. We have a big weekend planned!

I get to see these 2 munchkins who I have not met yet!!! Both Beckett and Tyler are over a year already...

Tyler 1

Beckett 1 1/2

ahhhhh, my favorite store. Oh how I have missed you!!! Hoping to find some great affordable fashion.

Remember that Tory Burch credit I have, I still haven't spent it. I am dragging Emily with me to narrow down my options.

We will grab lunch in the Gold Coast...

maybe the Pierrot Gourmet in the Peninsula Hotel


sad we can't sit outside they have an amazing patio, but we will hopefully have lunch at Lux Bar (amazing bar food!)

and then Saturday night...

drinks at Violethour

and dinner at Sunda, Billy Dec's "new asian" restaurant

and after that, we will see where the night takes us! It will be a whirlwind I am sure, but I can't wait to get away...


  1. Have a BLAST! Chicago is my second favorite American city. Violet Hour is a MUST - it's amazing.

  2. So jealous you get to go to H&M! I wish they had one here in Charleston! Have a fun trip :)

  3. have a blast! I am a chicago girl but now reside in the suburbs.

  4. Have fun. Nothing like a weekend filled with girly time!! Enjoy your friends.

  5. Have fun! :) I plan an annual trip for a group of friends (actually we were all pledge class sisters in our sorority) every year and we have so much fun! We always try to go to a new city each time. Last time it was NYC. We are thinking Boston for our next trip but maybe we should consider Chicago!!

  6. oh have fun! we try to go to the windy city at least once a yr ~ we love it there!

  7. Sounds so fun!! Don't forget to show us your loot when you get home!



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