Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am adding to my reading list...

I am so excited to share with you some new blogs that I have added to my daily reads. The blog world is large, and it does take some time to find new ones that you look forward to reading each day. Also, a special thanks to my friend Heather for recommending Beauty Bets!

Beauty Bets is a fabulous blog by Elizabeth Dehn, a writer and beauty enthusiast. She highlights everything from low to high end products, and she also features other writers and their favorite items. As a self-professed beauty junkie...this is definitely a favorite read of mine.

The Style Spy is a fairly new blog on the block. I am actually not sure how I found her, but I am glad I did! She is a busy mom who posts about all the beautiful things that inspire. Let me tell you, she has quite the eye! She is anonymous and I would love to know more about her...maybe she will agree to do an interview for Super Model Mom????

It's Always Something is a wonderful blog. Niki is a mom to 3 week old twins. She has been sharing her honest journey through her pregnancy and now her life with 2 little ones. Even though I have a toddler and am past the baby phase, I enjoy reading her posts and I can totally empathize with her. If you are a new mom, or pregnant, this is a good one to follow.


  1. Looking forward to checking these out... especially Beauty Bets! Thanks!

  2. thank you for the mention, MEL! i am so honored!

  3. I'm going to check out all 3. I'm sure any recommendation from you will be stellar! xo

  4. Melanie! I am so flattered—and in such great company! Thanks so much for including me on your reading list. -Elizabeth

  5. I knew you would love Beauty Bets. It is one of the few sites I check EVERY day. She's like my best friend that I've never met, giving my the skinny on all things product related.

    Also loving the Style Spy now...

  6. Thanks for the new suggestions of reading! Love finding new blogs!

  7. So this is what is referred to as "slow on the uptake". A very belated thanks for the recommendation.



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